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Full Moon & Eclipse 5-5 Card Reading May 2023

Posted on May 5, 2023 at 3:00 PM

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse & Beltane (or Samhain) - High Spring (or High Autumn) 5-5 and more!


I had planned on doing a Live reading video on my BlueWater Oracle Facebook page this morning around the start of the eclipse time but my technology had a completely different plan! Written reading today it is!


The card from my Year Wheel for May is Gaia – Nurturing. Please find the link below for the video to get that reading insights! If you are on my email list, it went out yesterday too :)


There is a lot of energy going on today, coming to us from all different angles. This is a day to centre yourself, to be aware of the flow and of your needs. It is a day to honour those who have walked on before and to respect with compassion those who are currently struggling here. With all big energy there is opportunity. We can try to fight against it, but much like trying to fight against Mother Nature herself, we will often lose. Better is to find what meaning there is in it for us, to learn, and to find our best next step forward, allowing the path to show itself one step at a time.


Humans don’t always like to work that way. Many of us have been trained to plan and to expect. There are other ways and other options though. There are teachers for this, human and other. Mother Earth and the Moon included.


Milky Way – Perspective


At all important times, we are invited to reflect on and to work with perspective. To think there is only one way is short-sighted. To think any one of us has all the answers is an oversimplification and unlikely.


The beauty and power of this card brings us today, a reminder that we are one planet among many. We have a star among many. There are moons, there are stars, there are planets, there are galaxies, and on and on. Here on this world of ours, we are each one human among many. We are one species among many. The interaction and dependence of all of these on the others is a necessary observation and lesson to learn. To walk truly alone is to limit so much of the life we have the option to lead and to share with others.


Open yourself today to see where your perspective is helping you. Allow yourself to notice when another perspective is of value. Invite in the knowing that you have one perspective among many. See if you can see from the other side, see you if you can see to the other side, across the water, across the valley, into the depths, and high up on the mountain…


Open yourself to sense when your own perspective is shifting, when that is invited and when that is required. There is so much value in this for you, especially today. Be patient with yourself. The shifting seasons do not happen in one day, despite how the weather can make it seem at times!


Manifesting Dreams

“My dreams are coming true!”


This is the opener of a phase where dreams can take flight and come to life. With the balance being presented through the star systems and here are Earth, be mindful of what dreams you wish into existence. You will not have all the perspectives at all times but you will have a sense or a knowing of which dreams are most valuable to you and how they affect another or a larger group. There is nothing here of blame or restriction. It is rather awareness, responsibility, and caring.


Any time you or another may choose to think your perspective is from the “I can do it alone” status, take a pause and remember these cards. Do you create your own food? Do you generate your own clean water? Do you source material for light when it is dark, for your clothes, for your shelter…? Do you care for your waste products? Do you know all that has to be taught? Do you remember the lessons that have already been learned but need to be said again?


These are not said lightly nor to be too heavy. They are said rather to bring the awareness into the team, the community, the partnership, the family, the neighbourhood, the interconnectedness, the whole, the very local and the across the world. All of these play parts in who you are, what you have, and how you live.


As the perspective and the dreams come through for you, open into all you are, a wondrous being, and live that way. Remember too that the person across the way, who may not seem the same as you, is also a wondrous being. Remember too that the bug walking on your window is one too. Live has lessons in every breath. You may not feel able to take them all in but recognize that that is a perspective too and that the dreams you wish to manifest may indeed depend on you and your connection with all you are as well as all that emanates from many others. Fascinating.


Shine your light and light up your dreams! Share and inspire others. Be quiet and observe. Be passionate and create. Nurture you, nurture others, nurture the planet, and say hi to the moon, the stars, and the sun. We are all connected.


Blessed be, love & peace,



BlueWater Oracle

with inspired guidance through the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Dr Steven Farmer and the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, both published by Hay House.


May intuitive card reading video:

Reach out for your own intuitive conversation and card reading – connect your dots for your perspectives and dreams.


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Thank you! Merci! (oui je suis bilingue!)

Diolch! Niá:wen! (Welsh added as part of my history and Mohawk in recognition of land on which I live and one of the indigenous peoples who were here before and continue to be here & teach today)


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February reading - Year Wheel 2023! Song of the Wild!

Posted on February 4, 2023 at 4:20 PM

February card themes & guidance - Year Wheel 2023 Oracle Intuitive Card Reading

Notes from the video reading! Which parts resonate the most for you?

Song of the Wild – Native Spirit Oracle Cards

February brings a different kind of energy. We still have the rainbow like in the January card and this time it comes with golden sunshine.

This month brings a starting point after January’s 10 of Cups card – something new, changes and difference coming in. This can feel a bit wild but wild can be amazing too. Remember that the natural world is “wild”. Wild does not have to mean crazy or chaos or out of control. It follows its own balance and rhythms developed over millennia. Here we bring some rainbows after the storm, coming with the shifting and changing.


Ask yourself: What would be my Song of the Wild? If I were singing my own song, my wild version song?


What is your Song of the Wild? How are you singing into your life, bringing the wild balance, the natural balance into your life? How does it work? How does it want to work? What do you need and what do you need to be aware of?


You will need to have moments when you stop. You really will need to stop, to look around. Time to really breathe, deep breathing. Look around… Where is your next path in the wild? Where is your next signal? What tracks do you see? Pause to see the tracks… Where is the water, where is the food?…

(Think about being out in the wild and what you would need. It made me think of the Wildearth Live Safari drives and the amazing naturalists that guide them).


Remind yourself that you will have to pause. There will likely be ups and downs with wild flows. Take a pause as the ups and downs happen, breathe. Step into your self and into your moment.


Look for the indicators – pause, breathe, and check “Which way am I going? Where are my indicators? Where are my priorities?” (take a look back to what was important in your Cups from January.) Choose your direction and your choices carefully. Identify these with your own Song of the Wild.


There are probably some changes in the world this month too bringing a bit more wildness and new things.



Would you like to see the reading as it happened? Watch the video version here, starting at 12:58 for February or watch the whole video for a full sense of the year!


Reading by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle


The January card is from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


January Card from my Year Wheel for 2023 - 10 of Cups!

Posted on January 18, 2023 at 12:25 AM

January card themes & guidance - Year Wheel 2023 Oracle Intuitive Card Reading - Notes from the video reading! I thought I would give myself a reminder and you too :)

Which parts resonate the most for you?

10 of Cups – Robin Wood Tarot

Partnership with family.

Success, home – a place to live.

Been through the storms, now the rainbow and light coming through the clouds.

Framed image of life.

2023 brings potential for a lot of different energy shifting and breakthroughs, through the tunnel of cloud. It brings gathering and togetherness.

Cups – emotions, relationships: Feeling your feelings in this year. They are part of who you are. Ups and downs, flow in and out.

Abundance – What am I filling my cups with?

   Relationships – Am I taking care of those cups, nurturing them? Which ones am I focusing on, filling my cups with or being drained by?

Accomplishment – and then what comes next?

  Look at all your accomplishments, successes, and victories in previous years.

  Perhaps there was a lot to do, to survive, to get through for the family together, and to keep the family going.

  What you walked through, how you made it through, how you got through, what happened, and what you learned…

  Do this all January, take the moments to do this… because January is the wrapping up of things with the 10 card and shifting or breaking through to know what you are filling these cups with, what the cups represent going into February.

Ask yourself this:

  If I were to frame my life in a picture, what would I put in it? What would I include? What would be in the picture of my life?

  There is a summary of the journey so far that can be done and then looking ahead.

Then… Notice:

What brings you joy?

What are you happy about?

What fills you with love?

What brings you into feeling love of life?

What are you grateful for and thankful for?

… in this moment.

Would you like to see the reading as it happened? Watch the video version here, starting at 5:13 for January or watch the whole video for a full sense of the year!


Reading by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle

The January card is from the Robin Wood Tarot published by Llewellyn.

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Ancestors & Generations this October - Intuitive Reading 2022

Posted on October 3, 2022 at 6:05 PM

Each Monday I pull a card or more and bring forward a guidance reading for my membership group the Oracle Cove. Earlier today as I was waking up, I felt there would be an October card and message to share for this month so I made the mental note to get to that today. Well, as soon as I pulled this card for the Cove this afternoon and started to write about it with the reading, I knew it was our October card and it wanted to be shared wider.


I want to thank the members of my Oracle Cove for having such amazing energy that helps me bring these types of messages and insights each week. Their openness and support of my work, as we learn and grow together through readings, sharing, reflecting, and conversations, means so very much. I know it and the cards know it too. This month, you get to benefit as well.



Oracle Cove guidance for the week October 3rd 2022


Ancestors – Generations


This is a very powerful card (yes I know they all are really!) for this time of year. I pulled this card as one of the general reading cards during my Live reading session on Friday evening on my BlueWater Oracle Page. It was in the context of me discussing the National Truth and Reconciliation Day which was September 30th here in Canada. It is a time to put extra focus on our history here in this country with how indigenous people were treated and continue to be, especially the children who were forcibly removed from their homes and culture, many of whom never returned. That part of the conversation received the Gratitude card first, reminding us to be grateful for all we have in our lives and for being able & invited to have these deep and very necessary conversations.


From that point of Gratitude, I was brought into being grateful for our homes, especially when so many are going through terrible loss and challenge through extreme weather situations over the last little while. Then the Ancestors – Generations card came out. To me, it was tying the indigenous journey discussion, with current truth, with reconciling the need for the generations and ancestors in the conversations and remembrances, with how Mother Earth speaks to us sometimes in very intense ways.


And here today, we get this card again. All that previous subject matter is still important, is always important. We now connect it in with this month, October, when in the northern hemisphere we experience the Fall season as well as the honouring and celebrations around Halloween, All Soul’s, or Samhain – whatever you prefer to call the end of October and early November. A time when it is considered that the veil thins, connecting with all things “Spirit” is invited more & more, and the communing is generally thought to be easier.


Recognizing the journeys, the history, and the stories of our family lines and our generations comes in strongly. We are invited with this card this week, as we are in the Autumnal season of releasing, to notice and recognize the family cycles and patterns that we have already let go of and those we are currently being invited to release. We can see them for how they might have been necessary at one point in history but perhaps are no longer needed or desirable. We can recognize how they can now or need to now change and reflect what is desirable and what is current truth. We can see beyond the drama and the tales to what stories are needed for learning, and to learn from them and with them, passing them on to the next generations so they know and remember too.


We can feel the wisdom of those who have passed on before us. Perhaps they had the wisdom as they were living or maybe they have connected to it after they journeyed into spirit. Now they offer it to us in the ways we connect and receive. Always our choice to receive and register it all or not.


We are invited to bring gratitude to the wisdom that is shown to us, to the wisdom that helped others before us, and to the wisdom that will help others as they grow and live life now. We can extend that gratitude past through the ages to all those ancestors for what they lived through and learned, during life and afterwards. We are grateful to be shown their perspectives and to open our own perspectives as we walk through this current life.


Allow yourself to remember the stories, to look at the pictures, to feel the journey with all its emotions, lessons, and wisdom. Remember the love when it is present and bring it in when it has been lacking. Allow the release when something that no longer serves or helps comes up, replacing it with gratitude and wisdom however they show themselves to you. Replace it with love.


Recognize that your ancestors and the generations before you, walk in you. They are in your cells and in your knowing. You may not have the same path they did but their path is part of yours. Recognize the ancestors and the generations of where you live too, whether they are in your cells or in the energy of where you place your feet, or both. Together they all bring the balance, of the person and the Earth where they live. Allow the wisdom of both to come together in you and around you.


You do not walk alone. You never have and you never will. There is life all around you and there are ancestors within you and walking next to you. This is a time to open to the wisdom and the knowing that comes through all of this. This is a time to allow the deep and profound love that comes too.


May you feel the hands of the Ancestors as you go through your daily living and through your deep introspections and personal journeys. May you receive their wisdom as it suits you best and may you feel their love infused into every breath you take and into all of your cells, healing and nurturing as it flows.


Blessed be for a remarkable October, steeped in connection, and revitalizing wholeness.


With love,



BlueWater Oracle

and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.

August Love Oracle Intuitive Reading - Freedom!

Posted on August 1, 2022 at 3:10 PM

This Monday morning, August 1st, I thought about sharing a gratitude post. Those are always a great reminder for me as well as, I see, for others. Gratitude is an incredible feeling, action, and state of being. This morning though, went once notch up by going into Love directly. Listening, as I do, I created a post about Love and am loving seeing the comments. May it bring you a moment and many moments to come of Love at the start of this month!


And it does not want to end there apparently! Nor should it! Love is an amazing tool, emotion, expression, and life force of our lives and the universe. This August, it wants to guide us in a reading… here we go!


August Love Oracle Intuitive Reading


Freedom Horse


True Love is all about Freedom. It is a flow of energy that comes to each creature, organism, and person from the Universe, whether you think of that as the Divine, Source, Spirit, or the best version of all perspectives.


True Love is not something you can hold on tight to as it needs to be in flow at all times. It flows with balance, with vibration, with needs, with desires, and with all there is. How could you put a limit or try to cage that?


Give yourself a moment right now to feel into that true Love and the Freedom it moves with. Where do you notice Love in your energy? Where do you notice Love in your body? Bring your awareness to it. See its colours, pick up on its movements, and allow its vastness. This is not a conscious-only experience so try not to limit it. Let it show you.


Is the Love in your energy free-flowing?

Is the Love in your body free-flowing?


Take a few deep breaths. Send support to your brain as it tries to figure out what you are seeking, especially if this is the first time you perceive Love in this way. Patience and gentleness with the mind, it is so valuable to you.


Even if you sense a flicker or a flash, a zoom or a sparkle, a wonder or an enhanced view, let it show you Love. You can define it all you want, but there really is no definition that will do it justice. So allow.


And in that allowing, recognize that the Freedom aspect is something you will balance. Like the Freedom Horse in this spectacular card, it will be living and thriving with the natural existence. Perhaps different in some ways than the Freedom Horse, is that you as a person, have a life that may or may not make sense to you right now. You may have situations that you are working through. You may have choices to make that you are uncertain of. You may have boundaries you think you are living in. All of this is true and so much more. Such is the way of the human in many places of this version of the world.


So take a moment to simplify. What do you really need? What would Freedom be for you? Not some mega lottery winnings version of it but a true grounded, on the land, in the heart, in the breathing, in the choices, in the experiencing and living of life, version of it. In the Love version of it. Now go big if you want to, if that truly represents you, whether through income, chance, or investment, but remember the Love aspect, and remember the Freedom component. They both have strong feelings associated. They both have flow.


Flow of Love and Freedom may not always look the way you think it will. Ah that’s a catch right? You could see it that way or you could see it as a form of copout, or you could know that it is part of the human experience. Not everyone will have the same life, joys, losses, timing, perspective, privilege, frustration, opportunity, body, mind, heart, and spirit… you are all unique, living in unique ways. By opening to the Freedom of Love, Love that is bigger than one person, Love that flows and moves, but also Love that balances and nourishes, you open beyond what you think it should be and into what it actually is, for you, right now. Isn’t that worth running towards, or even running with?


However this looks and feels to you, it is present, it is an option. Release judgement of yourself or others for how it is lived or what has happened, and seek through opening, the flow of Love Freedom in energy and in you.


With free-flowing Love and deep gratitude,



BlueWater Oracle

with the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.


Here's the earlier post! 

Love... a new day, a new week, a new month. Who do you love? What do you love?

Feel the love flowing to you, in you, through you, and out into this amazing world of ours.

“I love...” - Fill in, complete, and explore.

Did you start with “I love myself!” ? Let yourself be love and loved!


June Energy Insights & Intuitive Wisdom Reading 2022

Posted on June 1, 2022 at 4:55 PM

June Energy Insights & Intuitive Wisdom Reading 2022


Lightning – Power


Many people struggle each and every day. Some struggle through life events. Others struggle to stay alive. Some struggle to have the basic necessities. Others struggle while having more than they could ever seemingly need. Struggle is part of human experience on this world.


Storms are part of the natural world and they can in some ways be seen as struggle. When the pressure builds up so much, when a crucial event causes a deep reaction, and when things that can be helpful and beneficial turn into too much: too much rain, too much wind, too much heat, too much cold, too much electricity…


It is all a balancing act. The wild world in its natural state is working within levels of balance that most humans cannot even start to fathom. “Wild” and “Natural” are two words that bring up all kinds of memories, images, and feelings for people. Both exist at the same time but are not necessarily the same.


Where do you fit with all this? Are you “wild”? Are you “natural”? Are you in struggle? Are you in balance?


These questions can bring you into reflection. They can ask you to notice about your life and who you are. They can also ask you to notice about your place in this world, the natural aspects and the aspects constantly created, changed, and affected by humans.


For some people, these types of reflections and reactions only take place when a big life event comes about. Something happens that gets people to re-evaluate their ways and decisions whether it is about health, family, relationships, money, the Earth, their dreams, etc. It takes a big “kaboom” to snap them back into consciously living. Why is that such a strange thing to be doing? To be consciously living?


And yet, many are not. Not because they are bad or less than, not because they have chosen not to either. It is because there is a journey at hand, a journey for the individual, then for their family and community, then for their region, their country, their continent, and the whole. This journey has many chapters, many characters, many storylines, and yes, many displays of power. Some are needed to be very conscious and others have other tasks at hand. Balance.


If the world, this planet, would be speaking to the humans, would she use Lightning to get attention? Would she be proud of the use of power that has happened and continues to happen within couples, families, businesses, governments, and beyond. Or would she say that a storm is brewing and is needed.


What would you change if you knew a storm was coming, a big one? Look at the different aspects of your life and see them through the eyes of the power of a storm and the need for that storm to bring about change. What would you change, if anything? What would you live today? What would you envision for tomorrow? What would you hope for for yourself and for others, for the collective even?


Big questions that not everyone wants or needs to answer, but someone does, somewhere, sometime, and the time is now. How many of the struggles could be solved, like that, as quick as a flash? How many would still be present but could be made easier, dramatically easier for the individual? How much of it is about choosing how the power gets used? Rather than looking at it as “who will weather the storm” it could be “how can we all move through this storm, together”.


It is not about stopping all the storms, not at all. It is about slowing down the frequency of storms we create ourselves, in weather and otherwise, and about recognizing what we do every day that creates storm systems and creates increase in struggle.


The time of harnessing power has come and gone. It is now about understanding energy and working with it. You are energy. Every choice you make is energy. What you bring into yourself and what you put out to the world are all forms of energy. If you lived in your own bubble, only experiencing what you are creating as energy, would it be somewhere you would thrive?


Great reflections and questions for the midpoint month of the year.


May your June be created and blessed with the energetic power and wisdom to thrive!


With love,



BlueWater Oracle

and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.


Looking Deeper with Gemstone Views and Mountain Climbs - April Intuitive Wisdom & Guidance Messages 2022

Posted on April 5, 2022 at 12:10 AM

April Intuitive Guidance & Wisdom Messages 2022


Looking Deeper

“Deep within me is a majestic radiance.”


As we step into April and into this new season, it is asking you to look deeper within you to acknowledge your deep radiance. Look deeper at what is going on in your reactions and your choices, in the way you think, and in the way you feel.


This card brings a reminder that sometimes we need to stand in our choices and our feelings to figure out what is behind them and what is going on for us. Do this from the perspective of the majestic radiance that is within you.


What is the majestic radiance within you? What is that majestic radiance asking you to see, asking you to look at, as you make the choices of your day to day life?


The Mountains in this card, are suggesting you to remember, and to remind yourself daily – multiple times a day – that you will have ups and downs. You will have moments when you are climbing, moments when you get to the top and celebrate, then look at the view and find the vision. Then there may be an easy slide down for a little while, an easy ride, or a wave that shifts. Maybe it is more of an “oh my goodness” like being on the down slope of a roller coaster. Then perhaps it is time to climb and feel good as you get into action steps again.


These ups and downs repeat but not because you are staying in the same place or are stuck. They are all part of the journey. You may see it as a spiral, as the ebb & flow, as climbing & descending mountain paths, passages, and pathways. There are ups and downs in everything. These are all parts of the aspects to live with and to work on & with.


Look at the view again. Bring your expectation from thinking it will only include the up moments into balance with all the aspects. Know that it includes all the different gemstones including the challenges, the sadness, the disappointments, the seeking, and the things to work on. The gems may be deep within the rocks or they may be as easy as finding them shining on a gentle walk or along the beach.


Allow yourself to notice and to see the different layers and components within a “basic grey rock” of the mountain. The rock has been part of that creation of the gems and all of the layers. Sometimes you have to look deeper to remind yourself that there are glorious things up in the view and along the trek, as well as the radiance deep within.


Wherever you are in the stages of the climbing of your mountains each and every day this month, find the gemstones, find the bright moments, find the quality, and find the richness. Allow yourself to really notice them, to really find them, and to really see. Allow yourself to see what they are bringing and what they are offering. It may be part of the view from climbing, the deep dive into something you need to work on for yourself, or it may be the universe cracking open something to show you and to show you that you have a choice on how you take it and what you do with it.


The shooting star here in the background is an invitation to not only see the vision that is but also to look at the vision you would like to see and experience in your life, what you would like to see in the world, and what you would like the universe to bring into your world. Put it out there as if you are being the shooting star of vision. Blow your kiss of intention and vision out into the world. Plant the seed and give it freedom to grow.


All the power of a deep look to see the radiant facets available to us and the light that shines there.

With love for a strong, supported, and bright month ahead,




Card pull & reading from my Live Facebook reading video April 1st 2022 for April energies & messages.


Featuring the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.



Reach out for your own Oracle Intuitive Wisdom & Guidance Reading – A deep dive into connected communication with yourself, your spiritual team, and this Earth. Balanced living with clear sight, clarity in choices and actions, and transformation along the way.


A Heart Message this February - Wisdom & Wholeness

Posted on February 2, 2022 at 5:15 PM

A heart message this February


Lotus Flower – Unfoldment


Within the heart is a universe unfolding. Your life is a multitude of chapters within that story. Your heart is a wisdom keeper. It is also part of all that will share the knowing from times past, times present, and energy to come. It vibrates so deeply and wonderfully because it contains so much life and so much about life.


Your journey and your story are one. They are lived and told from different perspectives. From the perspective of the lotus flower passing from seed, growing into plant, up through the mud and water to reach the light above and bloom. From the perspective of the hand in the clouds supporting, touching, and holding as it experiences. From the clouds themselves shifting and changing with each passing breathe and heartbeat. And from the light, shining within and without at all times.


At this point in your journey, there is a need to pause and breathe. Take a deep breathe that welcomes all of the storylines and all of the perspectives together into you, together with you. Feel your heart welcoming them and allowing them to cross a threshold into becoming one. Your heart holds all of this. Can you be surprised it vibrates so powerfully?


In your breath and in each heartbeat, know you are becoming united. Embrace your wholeness. All of the journey moments, all of the stories, and all of the perspectives continue to be there for you to access if you need to, for sharing, for healing, and for understanding, but most of the time, they are now living together in harmony, supporting each other and stepping with you in every moment of your life.


Your heart beat reminds you of this. It reminds you of the wisdom you carry. It reminds you that you are whole even as you work on growth, understanding, and even on healing. It reminds you that you have different ways of seeing and living your story but that they are all part of your universe. Embrace it. Embrace the colours and the wonder. Embrace the darkness and the shadows. Embrace the feelings and the knowing. Embrace the body and the spirit. Embrace the mind and the child. Embrace the wisdom.


Your heart beats for you and travels with you through each moment as it unfolds.


With heartfelt love and wonder,



with Divine Universal and Heart Energies, and with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.


Happy New Year Reading!

Posted on January 2, 2022 at 12:45 AM


Happy New Year!


May your year start brightly with a shining light that emanates from within you and touches the world around you. May you know compassion and love. May you experience life and wellness with every breath. May New Year’s energy flow through you, cleansing and revitalizing as it welcomes in this new phase. May you be the world you would like to live in.


Stepping into Stillness

“My power is born in the majesty of silence.”


The world is full of noise, some of it enhances and works with purpose while some of it clogs up the energy and throws the natural rhythms out of whack. Bring yourself a beautiful dose of stillness whenever you need it. You are giving birth to your own power and it is something to be cherished and nurtured on this day and all those to come.


Rain – Purification

Like rain falling from the sky, touching all it lands on, and flowing over land and into the waterways, your feelings are a part of everything you are and do. They flow up and down, they increase and decrease in volume, and they wave through your every moment. To some, they are to be controlled and managed. To others, they are wisdom shining through from deep within and connecting with life. They are receptacles that can be utilized to show you as much as to then cleanse, purify, and guide. There are no wrong feelings but increasing your understanding of how they work with you and you with them will increase your flow and reduce the risk of flooding. Purity of intentions will go a long way to welcoming their power and grace in your daily living, on a physical as well as a spiritual level.


Wishing you glorious abundance and wonder in this New Year phase!

You are a sacred being, remind yourself of it often!


With love,



and Divine Spirit Energies with the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, both published by Hay House.


From Resistance to Peace & Majesty - December Wisdom Reading 2021

Posted on December 3, 2021 at 11:40 AM


December Oracle Wisdom Reading 2021


Accepting What Is

“I accept and embrace my inner majesty.”


As we near the end of the calendar year, this card comes in with a beautiful message. Take a deep breath, connect in with your body. Take a deep breath, connect with your spirit.


“Accepting What Is” brings the message to come fully into the present moment. There is so much going on right now for you that it is important to pause and be. Through this pause you will be able to notice where you are accepting what is in your present and where you are resisting.


Being in resistance with anything in your present moment may make you feel uneasy and frustrated. This does not mean you are not able to wish for different, to intend an action, or to create something new for yourself. Resistance may mean fighting against or pushing against what is present in your life causing you to be out of alignment with yourself and what guidance and insights may show themselves to you. There is a difference between resisting and saying “this is not what I want for myself”. There is a difference between resisting and saying “this is not something I would like to continue to experience”.


Resisting something in your present moment may be likened to fighting against rains and cloudy skies while they are happening. Saying you prefer it when it is sunny could be what you say to yourself but at the same time saying you accept that it is currently cloudy and rainy and all that comes with it. Constantly demanding or being in the energy of “why isn’t it sunny” or “it should be sunny” or “this rain shouldn’t be happening to me” takes you out of the present moment as your system hunts to figure out how to make the change. But in this case, the change is not for you to make and resisting does not help you. While you are struggling, you may miss any interesting aspects and wondrous moments the clouds and rain may be bringing you.


By releasing the resistance, you allow yourself to fully be in your present. Through this, you will find more access to what you are experiencing but also to what you would like to create and have happen in your next life steps. It frees up space and energy in your mind to assist in the ways it can rather than spending that time and energy in trying to resolve the resistance. You want your brain working with you as much as possible! You want it to be aligned with you and your experiences and journey.


Open yourself, as the card shows, to accepting what is as well as to accepting and embracing your “inner majesty”. The hands open up to the universe, energy, and to spirit, symbolized here by the great white-blue rose in the skies. Its four directional leaves remind you of being connected to all directions and all elements at the same time. How wondrous is that?!


Your inner majesty is the manifest version of this connection. The majesty of your thought system. The majesty of your body system. The majesty of your heart system. The majesty of your gut system. The majesty of your spirit system. And on and on. You are full and complete of all kinds of majesty and you deserve to accept it and fully embrace it. It is, after all, within your hands.


You deserve to welcome in the peace and the nobility of this majesty. Open yourself to the peace that is on the surface of this beautiful rose as well as the peace deep within its bloom. That peace is already a part of you and you are welcome to embrace it. This peace radiates out from its essence into the space and time around it.

Being aligned and connected. Being in the present moment. Being in peace. Being open to your own majesty. Being at peace.


Wishing you a wondrous, peaceful, accepting, and gloriously majestic December.

With love,



with Divine Guiding Forces and the Gateway Oracle Cards.


The Gateway Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.