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"The Dark" on this New Moon day

Posted on March 6, 2019 at 3:30 PM

In deep conversation with the dark today, this was created. 
Grateful for the introspection and connection that is received, gained, and experienced.

There might need to be a little more punctuation adjustments to it but here's the flow for now! I have recorded an audio version which I hope I can add here too below if you prefer to listen. (will probably not work on Macs or iPhones as it requires Adobe Flash Player based on my web creator tools - sorry about that!)

Thank you New Moon for sharing the wisdom of The Dark


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The Dark 

And I will speak

where my heart flows

into the journey of the night.

The dark grows around me.

It is something that soothes

when it is needed,

heals when it must,

and creates order where there is chaos.

The more I hold the shadow

in my hands

the more I am in touch

with all that I am.

It scares me to be so raw;

to be so open that I can see

through myself

into the power that is deep inside.

To feel into that which

does not want to be touched,

that which holds itself tight,

is to illuminate me

within my own dark moments.

They are all a part of me

and of this wild ride.

Within the shifts and turns,

within the waves and washes,

the dark is opened to the light.

All that hurts is nurtured to heal,

all that resists is released,

and all that constricts is blasted open.

One item at a time,

one fibre and one crescent moon

until I am full

to hold myself

and to see the dark in new ways.

Ways that are bright and expansive.

I balance this shadow and light

with quiet and with words.

They each know the play.

A script that was written

before I could read

and is now being read

without me always being conscious

of its direction and wisdom.

But I am learning.

Deep, deep within,

my own wisdom flourishes.

Who says life does not thrive in the dark?

It is just another way

with another language

and different points to touch.

In this dark I am asked to trust,

to know who I am

and to know that I am created

in this glorious balance,

so that I may see where the balance

is so desperately needed in others

and for others.

I whisper from my dark space

so they hear, so they see a spark of light.

Something so fantastic

to catch their breath and bring them pause,

to readjust and align,

to feel the love and the light

even within their own shadow.

As tears bring the water of oceans

into our earthly life

they wash away what is done

and invite in the fresh and new.

As reflections are cast in a pool of water

so are they seen in the dark.

As the light starts its way in

I reflect on what is needed,

on what is ready to be felt and learned.

I reflect on who I am, really,

on what is actually of great importance,

and what is just part of the story

being told at the same time

as I live.

Hello deep darkness.

You who brings me voice

when I think I have none.

You who lets me see inside

when I feel I am blinded

by daily life and uncertainty.

You who provides and allows

a most valued connection

with myself

and with all there is.

In the dark I touch my heart

and it radiates beautifully

to reach all that I may have forgotten,

so I feel and know my truth,

and heal all the nets

that caught me along the way.

In this journey of the night

I am reborn,

fragile and new

but also strong and determined.

Creator of many experiences

and one who lives

a full, true,

vast, and expansive life.

From dark into light.

From chaos into calm.

From alone into connected,

I am one,


Walking with shadow,

embracing all that I am,

and knowing

I am waking to a new day

from a most valuable night.

By Sheila Bicknell

March 6, 2019

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.

Welcome Autumn!

Posted on September 22, 2018 at 10:00 PM

We welcome in the Fall.

The Autumn of our year.

Seeing the colours change,

the scenery adapt,

and the harvest come into abundance!

We release what can be let go.

Filled ourselves with the ripe

Summer energy,

brightening our way forward

for when the dark asks us to see.

Bringing our power into our day

and into each night.

Love and light

from the inside.

Joy and peace through

the harvest of our connection

with nature, spirit, AND our soul!

Autumn Equinox blessings!

May you feast on the best harvest for your life

and feel the abundance of the season in each moment!

Love, Sheila

BlueWater Oracle

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Standing Alone, intro and poem

Posted on February 17, 2018 at 6:25 PM

Being an oracle, psychic, intuitive, seer, or whatever you want to call it, has amazing moments. Those that leave you in awe of the human spirit and the intricacies of energy and connection. Sometimes it also comes with very intense and tough messages to bring forward. I do not experience these often but last night was one of those times. Actually it started two nights ago at my part-time job when I went to the desk to jot down the first line of a poem that was starting to come through. I had a sense of what it was to be about, related to recent sad events and the aftermath that follows. Then it faded and I realized today that the paper was left at work somehow and it felt strange as I knew it was to be powerful.


Last night as I was settling into the last phase of my evening, the line popped in again, quickly followed by the next two... I grabbed my phone, opened the Notes app and spent the next hour being deeply inspired by one of the toughest things I think I have ever written. I did not write this alone as this is not something I have experienced to that extent. I have wondered what happens in people who commit terrible lone acts but do not think I could have created like this having only felt a little of the desperation myself during personal life moments. Thus, I thank the spirit and my interpreter guide who brought it forward. I felt the emotion as I wrote the words and felt it again and again as I edited, punctuated, and adjusted it, reading it out loud to bring it voice. You have been heard and I thank you. I am deeply touched to be chosen. I know that those close to me and those I follow and learn from, are already looking and working at ways to change things for the better and we will continue to do so. Blessed be the next phase of your journey and ours. Here are your words. You are no longer alone.


Please note that this post and poem do not refer to any specific incident or people that I am aware of.

Be aware that this feels like sensitive material which may not be suitable for all people.

Standing Alone

I stand alone

with the world

twirling around me.

I see things that others do not see.

I feel things that others do not feel.

I may be in the crowd

but I may not be seen.

I may seem to be with everyone

but I am utterly apart.

Everything is so intense.

So fearless and fearful at once.

It presents a challenge to see forward,

to see with clear eyes

while the tears form,

while the thoughts race,

and while the doubt surges

like a protective force.

And so,

I put on my armour,

but I don't realize that it only

shields me from help.

I carry my weapon,

but I don't realize that I hurt myself

with every second it is in my hand.

I walk away

when walking towards

would be so much better.

I can pass like shadow and dream

through the lives of others,

never knowing or being known

more than a standing shell.

My hands give me away.

Fists form, not out of anger

but of buildup and just holding on.

Then there's the shaking.

Some part of me shakes

as the rest seems so calm.

And my eyes,

they look away but if caught

they scream in need,

silent but loud,

empty but full of wanting.

Ready to be touched and to touch

like a delicate flower that wants to

be noticed and caressed

when the audience

will be gentle and appreciate

it's unique creation.

And when the depths of it all

boils over

I turn to wrath,

the pain too great to bear.

But it comes in a quiet wave

something that sneaks up

like a tsunami.

People don't notice the pull out

of the water.

They continue on with their lives

never knowing the crash is coming.

Better for them I think.

They don't need to plan and simmer in the upcoming horror,

they can smile and laugh and live.

Until my fire overtakes my peace

and I flood upon them.

I am so dreadfully sorry.

I never planned my existence

to go this way.

I seem cold and unfeeling

but in reality I am tearing apart

piece by piece,

breath by breath,

action by action.

The full hearted side of me

cries out in last desperation

to stop and surrender,

but I don't know another way now.

This is my protection.

This is my yelling out loud

when all the other signs

went unnoticed.

It is not a question of fault,

is it a story of disconnect.

I have moved so far away from myself

that I must create a new reality to survive

and you don't have the script

to live there.

It isn't even really a place for life.

It is a place to die hoping the next part will be better.

I know apologies do no justice.

I know hatred will run deep.

Just know, if you can,

that my soul is walking beside me

and can now connect with all

in a new and loving way.

Peace flows finally,

the armour is off,

the weapon has fallen,

and doubt has moved away

replaced by hope.

My eyes are full again

The empty mirrors can see clearly

and I see your sorrow.

I know your pain.

I have lived it

and now I have died in it.

Sorry will never be enough

but it is all I have to offer for now.

I will learn deep truths from this

but will only be able to share them

and to atone in another realm,

where I hope to make your life better,

so you may never

stand alone.

by Sheila Bicknell

BlueWater Oracle

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.

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February 2018

Dragonfly Visits

Posted on June 14, 2017 at 10:55 PM

Stand still awhile it said, and breathe.

There is no need to rush about.

No need to feel lost in the wild of the morning.

Let the cool air allow you to feel the warmth,

and welcome in the moment,

welcome in the connection.

And I breathed deeply in gratitude,

savouring our time together,

in wonder at this visitor who chose me

to travel with for a space in time,

an experience in life,

a symbol in the journey,

and a reminder as magical

as his intricate wings

and deep visioned eyes.

This beautiful dragonfly let me move him from a hazardous space on a busy morning here at home. The temperature had dropped significantly overnight so I think he was a little slower than usual and enjoyed the warmth of my hand. What a wonderful time together, even walking through the house to get my phone for pictures, and then taking him to the back garden area where they often fly and land on the wild blackberry bushes. For those of you who have followed me recently, there is a strong dragonfly theme present and this was another amazing confirmation. Thank you to the dragonfly and the fairies for bringing him to me.



Woman's Day Poem

Posted on March 8, 2017 at 2:15 PM

When inspiration hits, it is the most amazing feeling. I was doing business work this morning, at a pause between tasks, and I popped onto Facebook. My timeline filled with inspirational and supportive posts from friends, colleagues, and work connections for International Women's Day. It is wonderful when you can feel the energy of support and witness the journey of women within a few quick moments online. 

I thought about a reading... and then took a blank page of the loose leaf paper that was in front of me and wrote Woman's Day on the top and the date. I stepped away from the table for some tea, asking, reaching out to inspiration and guidance to see if there was a poem ready to be written, asking for the first line, which is often the way my poetry makes itself known to me. I know now that the poem was already written, combining my heart and hand with all that is energy and spirit to bring it out of the unseen onto paper, and now into the ether which is the internet. 

Whether it feels as powerful to others as it does to me I realize is just me hoping that others will love it and wanting support myself, but in reality I knew the second I read it outloud when It was finished that my work with it was successful and complete. Tears filled my eyes and I clapped in appreciation as if I had just witnessed a wonderful creative performance (those who know me could totally picture me clapping in celebration!!). :)

If you would like to hear me read the poem, you are welcome to view it on my YouTube channel BlueWater Oracle at this link:

Wishing you wisdom, support, peace, joy, and love from the core of your essence,


Woman’s Day

a softness and a strength

comes through her body.

wisdom of the ages

held in each gene

and every unit of DNA.

the force of love

a part of her heart

as much as each action

she takes

and each movement

she makes,

whether she has learned

to embrace it

or not,

it is there;

loving her from the inside

even when she feels

she cannot love herself.

she opens up

flinging her arms wide

at her sides

breathing deep into her lungs,

down into the core

of her essence,

her womanhood.

then the fountain

is touched.

it flows voraciously

streaming out in energy

and in regal vitality

knowing more of her power

and more of her journey

than she knows herself.

it flows inwardly

like roots and vines

carrying life and connection.

it flows out

to bloom like

a magnificent dress,

layers and layers

catching the rays of light,

seeking the birth through water,

shedding and creating

in a continual dance

between her own self

and everything she contacts.

what more joy is there

than a mother

feeling life abound from her,

laughing with its joys,

nurturing its learning,

and feeling it all

every step of the way.

this is Woman,

Mother to all

even if only mother to self -

the most important

birth and love

of all.

by Sheila Bicknell

March 8, 2017


mobile 514-573-4740

[email protected]

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We Celebrate

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 1:30 PM

As we head into the holiday season which started with the Winter Solstice & Yule here, and Christmas fast approaching, the true meanings of these kind of gatherings and celebrations becomes very important. What ever you are celebrating and at what ever time of year, I wish you and yours well.

Here is my most recent poem entitled "We Celebrate". Please see the link below to listen to my reading of it.

Light blessings,


We Celebrate


We celebrate;

gathering together

to honour the times,

remember the traditions,

and be a part of what is important.

We search for the meaning

of it all,

of all our days,

all our questions,

and how we live each moment.

The meaning of times long gone

and how today connects to then.

What is forgotten returns in stories,

in gatherings with those we love

and those who cross our paths.

What was learned fills our thoughts

and enhances our future.

We celebrate all that we have

in gratitude for our many blessings,

for the joys and the sorrows,

for the light and the dark,

and all that fills our hearts.

Joyous and beautiful we stand

in peace and hope and love.

Sending abundant tidings

from our space to theirs.

With all of our gifts

and all of our treasures,

wrapped in kindness,

we wish them well.

From today forward,

we celebrate

one and all.

by Sheila Bicknell                           December 2016


[email protected] 

mobile 514-573-4740         

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.


Posted on November 12, 2016 at 4:05 PM

There is something to be said about not living in the past. We hear it, we are taught it, and many of us live it, or at least try to. However, the past we have lived has contributed to our present life. We have learned, we have gained experience, we have felt, we have observed, and we have been impacted by and been an impact in the lives of people we have come into contact with.


There is also a past beyond our own years. The past lived by our parents, our grandparents, other relatives and family friends, our ancestors, and people who have never even crossed paths with those in our line. There is a place here, an important place, to remember what has been experienced and what has been learned, so that we may progress forward an improved version of what we were before as a species, in balance with all other species on this world. We are still working on this balanced progress.


This week, it has seemed particularly important to me to remember. We seem to know that things have happened in our past, that things were said, experiences created, and grave impacts came from them, and yet we do not seem to really remember so we can glean their lessons in order to help us move forward.


Remembrance Day is a time here in Canada to pay respect to those who have fought in intense war situations so that we may write, breathe, and live in freedom. Some of them never made it home, some of them came home to live long lives but were forever impacted by what they lived. This is one occasion during the year when I feel we really need to remember. We need to talk about the past, teach about it, learn different perspectives, and then step forward, wiser. For some people, it is one day to wear the red meaningful poppy. For me, that poppy always stays on a good few days after, as a reminder, and an honour. It is full of so much history and memory.


I was honoured to lead a group of women entrepreneurs yesterday, on November 11th, to remember, to pay respect, to fill ourselves with gratitude for what was done on our behalf by many people who will never know us. We are gifted the opportunity to treat people well, to live with integrity, to do our best, to behave in kindness and respect, and to inquire or act when others are not.


As soon as I knew I was to lead these wonderful women into a minute of silence, the words started to pour into my mind. This time I did start to write them down immediately, knowing I did not want to forget what was so important to come so quickly and intensely. Here is what followed in what I call, inspired writing. It was my honour to read it for the group as they reflected quietly listening and it is my honour to share it with you now.


Bless you and yours. Bless those who fought and strategized and envisioned a better life with greater ideals of balance and inclusion and kindness for all. May we continue to strive for this, always remembering.


And bless the amazing lady who placed a new poppy at my seat at the end of our lunch meeting. It is walking with me proudly on my lapel.


Lest we forget.



Lest We Forget

We stand and remember.

We stand and hold space.

Space of gratitude.

Space to honour.

Space to breathe.

Space to reach out and touch another person,

in compassion,

in understanding,

and in appreciation.

We hold space

to remember,

to bring light.

We bring light

to those who have gone before us,

to those who lived in dark times

and found the way forward,

to those who passed on knowledge

and stories and experience,

so we may learn,

so we may be stronger,

so we may be better,

and so we may never forget.

We hold this space,

filling it and ourselves

with the essence of freedom,

freedom of choice,

freedom to love,

freedom to build,

freedom to live our lives.

And we hold this space,

filling it and ourselves

with the power of joy,

with all that it means,

all that it brings,

and all that it speaks,

to us and through us

so we may live

each and every day

cherishing the essence of


Lest we forget.


By Sheila Bicknell

November 11, 2016      [email protected]       mobile 514-573-4740

Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.



For the video of me reading this, please head to my Facebook page where I have shared the post with it.


The Mystic Forest

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Blessed be.

Walking amongst the trees,

trees much older than me.

To touch their strong trunks

and feel their energy.

To know with them

the wisdom of the wild

and witness the changing

of the leaves.

Stepping out of the forest

feeling its mystic nature

whispering behind me,

calling me back and

wishing me well,

asking me only to remember

and always to feel,


- with love, Sheila

Posted on October 26, 2016 on BlueWater Oracle Facebook page: 

Connection with the Wild

Posted on August 11, 2016 at 1:30 PM

What is your connection with the wild, with wild spaces, with wilderness, with nature? We tend to forget at times that we are included in this natural world; we are a part of it not apart from it. Our healthy food choices are grown and created. Our bodies react to the weather, the heat, the cold, the humidity, the dryness. Our energy and mood is impacted by those people around us as well as by the animals we share space with, by the Moon, and by our surroundings at any time, outdoors or indoors. Many people acknowledge the impact of being out in nature on their health, vitality, and well-being. We are connected.


I consider myself blessed to live in a region with a lot of natural spaces around. My own property has woodlands, grasslands, planned flowerbeds, and natural meadow-like areas. To some, they might see only weeds and chaos and I can see that too :) but increasingly as the years pass, I am seeing so much more in my space. The uniqueness of where plants choose to grow, the power and strength of the trees, the insect life abundant and busy, the surprises that are always around when only I look. There is a sense of wonder that is beyond amazing in a natural space and I feel honoured to be its keeper here around me, to learn with and from it.


What do I witness here, in my little wilderness? Between yesterday and today, working from home, I have could have created numerous nature documentaries! The largest dragonflies I have ever seen flying over the meadow like big aircraft scanning the ground. Chickadees calling and flitting through the trees then coming down to investigate on my deck posts. Robins seeking water and nutrition in these dry times manoeuvering into wild thorny black thimbleberry bushes after the sweet ripe fruit. Newly discovered wildflowers, one delicate on the banks of my ditch, pale pink as it opens to the sunlight, another a pale yellow popping up in the meadow area. Along the roadside, defying periodic mowing, a lone strong blue Chicory and adorable tiny Deptford Pink wildflowers are joys to discover. A variety of butterflies and bees reminding me why I choose to keep natural spaces. A bat flying overhead last evening as I stepped outside to see the first stars, fantastic as it shows hope for the local bat population. And today, a family of five crows, doing intricate gymnastics to get to the fruit on a neighbour’s tree and then pausing together high up in a Maple on the edge of my property.


I encourage you to bring a little wild nature into your space. Let its magic bring you enjoyment and wonder each & every day. Share what you have and what you love with others, you may just inspire them! My walkabout yesterday inspired me to write this poem. Enjoy.


Nature magic blessings!


The Wild & Aware

I walk through the wild,

that close to home

and away in the deep.

I touch and smell,

listen and notice.

I welcome and witness,

and I am enhanced.

My soul sings

to see the growth.

It sings to see and hear

those that make the wild

their home.

They know what they need.

They seek what they must find

passing by me as if I am

another tall ship in their day.

I speak

hoping my intention and welcome

is heard.

I watch

absorbing the wonder and miracles

of it all.


that I may have no impact,

I may be of no interest,

or I may change lives

and be a source of sheer amazement

standing there,

walking through.

My spirit is in joy.

My body feels the essence.

Energy coming from all sides,

energy coming from within,

and flowing from all around.

Each contributes

in their own special way.

Each is needed

more than I know,

more than I can see;

but I feel it,

I know it,

down into my cells.

Creating the next moments

in a new stir,

a new flourish

of being,

more than I am.

And being taught here

in the wild, by the wild

that I am more


and welcome here

when I step and walk

alive, awake, and




by Sheila Bicknell 

[email protected]

mobile 514-573-4740


Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.




Connection with Great Spirit

Posted on January 1, 2016 at 9:40 AM


Sometimes things touch you & inspire in deep and powerful ways, let that inspiration flow...

On December 30th, I listened to a Lakota Healing Song posted by the Facebook page "Native Americans"(1) shared from "Native American Videos"(2). While I do not presume to know all the cultural symbolism, terms, or language of the Native American peoples, I was very moved by the tune and sounds of this song. As I sat, the urge to write came to me. With the utmost respect, I share this. Thank you for the connection & inspiration Great Spirit. I am blessed.


And the Great Spirit

speaks aloud:

Through the wind

touching the trees,

through the rain

landing on the leaves;

through the breath

exhaled from Wild Buffalo

and inhaled by Brother Wolf.

The air that gives waves

to the hawk's wings,

the water through which

the gentle whale sings.

Light from Grandmother Moon,

stars in Grandfather Sky,

watching down,

smiling to the Great Mother.

Plant and animal,

land and sea.

Where powerful rocks

stand with strong mountains

and rivers run wild and free.

The ground warms

under the rich sun

and cools in the crystal white snow.

Through forest

and through sand,

the mighty tree

ventures to grow.

As quiet as the whispering grass,

as loud as thunder play,

the Great Spirit connects us all

and together connected

we will stay.


- Sheila Bicknell

BlueWater Oracle