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Circle of Life, Spirals and the Path - July Guidance Reading 2020

Posted on July 2, 2020 at 12:15 AM

July intuitive guidance for the month 2020


Circle of Life


In the spiral is contained the beginning, the middle, and the end. There is no point that completely stops, that stays stable or stagnant for very long. When something ends, something else begins. When one stands and breathes, one realizes that the next stone, the next piece, the next moment, is connected right beside. All connects to all at the same time, even if the view is different.


In this beautiful summery scene, the vividness of life and the circle is shown. Where the stones and hills bring the permanency and longstanding of some aspects of nature and life, the grasses and flowers remind that some things are seasonal to grow, blossom, nourish, and then walk on in more rapid cycles. Without this balance, the support system is more challenged. Some only see what shows the stability and the structure while others only see the new growth with changes and adventure. Both have value.


Recognizing this value is a way to come into balance and to allow all things to be recognized for their place and their purpose. Fighting it throws the balance off to one side where it is harder to get the footing, harder to grow at odd angles, and harder to flourish with natural adaptation. Not impossible, but more challenging.


Observe the spiral formation on the card. There is what is outside the path, what makes up the path, and the path itself. The stones create the path but are not the path. The grass is an easier space to maneuver in and walk with. The centre is a place to observe the journey and to decide what is within and where to walk next.


Where are you and what feels natural to you? Do you tend to walk outside of the path and stones, enjoying freedom and choosing your own route whether it has a path or not? Do you get guided onto the path and walk on it with curiosity and interest? Do you follow the path because it is easier and feels better to you? Do you walk across the path circles so you get where you are going faster? Do you notice you tend to try to walk on the stones even as they shift under your feet? Or Do you tend towards a combination of all of the above, having moments of freedom and adventure near the path, phases of guidance that show you a path, feelings of flow and inspiration on the path, moments where you hop steps to see what happens, times where footing and flow are tough as things seem to shift and change quickly, and with moments to pause and observe all of the viewpoints from wherever you are, appreciating each part?


Each person will have a part that feels more in flow to them, that feels more natural. For some it is the adventure of an unknown path. For others it is being guided into flow with the path seeing and noticing all other options as they are nearby, perhaps popping out for experiential visits. For some it is to gently walk on the path supported by the framework and feeling good within it. Maybe others even feel they start from the centre of the spiral and work their way out, ever expanding and creating more connections!


Notice for yourself if you seem to be always walking on the stones? Some stones will be great with that, feeling that you can stand well and get an extra vantage point. Other stones will slip and move under you, tossing you into one aspect of the circle or another. Does trying to walk on the stones of this spiral feel natural to you? Does it connect you with something within you? Or is it walking against the flow? What are you resisting when you expect yourself to or force yourself to walk on uneven and movable stones? There could be a lesson in the balancing! Or it could be that each moment of struggle is showing you a way to be more in the flow, in whatever unique way it is for you.


You stand now in your present moment of your circle of life. You could deny it as many humans do. More and more gets built, for security and safety yes, but also for a sense of permanency. The legacy that will live on, the structure… Life is not permanent though. Those that have life in nature are not permanent. They come and go with the wind, the waves, the clouds, the rains, the days shifting to nights and forward again. They live upon and within the more solid energy of structure, rocks, mountains, oceans, land… Everything else is energy in fluidity, in movement of time and space that humans can recognize their own lives within.


Trying to create a circle that contains life within its walls is like trying to ask something to be permanent when it has a will to experience, to flow, to grow, to age, to feel, and to connect, with each changing moment and each unique beat of the heart and breath of the lungs. Would it not be more in flow with the spiral to create the supports for life that work with the energy, with the cycles, with the components that make up the different pathways? Where free zones meet the stone guides and the grassy paths, where the view supports itself from every side, and where you choosing to be on the outside is really as amazing as choosing to be at the centre. No one is left on the outskirts because there are no outskirts, just different perspectives that all work together.


What would that be like? A spiral where people are not worrying about their place in the circle of life but are rather living life, in each precious moment? It may not be a simple path or it might be as easy as a combination of ideas that get negotiated and adapted together, working together. Where nature does not worry either but finds her place within the spiral, its freedoms, stone guides, pathways, and circles of life?


Notice your circle of life this month. Notice the circles of life going on around you at all times. Connect with them in the flow of breath and experience. Create the stories that become the legacy through the spirals, create the memories, and live the life. Let yourself see what the circle needs, for you, for your family, for nature, and for all. And notice where you put up walls that hinder your view.


It is all connected: you, spiral, nature, circle of life.


Let the love of life be an inspiration for choices forward. Each step, each balance point, each breath, each stone, each blade of grass… is of value, as are you.


with love and deep respect,



and Divine Great Spirit energies with the Native Spirit Oracle Cards.


The Native Spirit Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


New Moon Nature Blessings

Posted on September 10, 2018 at 1:25 PM

May the New Moon bring you peace.

May it bring you healing and calm.

May it help you see where you are and your way forward, granting you sight beyond your eyes, listening to and through your heart.

I was blessed with some outside wild garden and forest time today. Letting it bring me renewing energy and healing from a cold that thought it would come to visit.

Seeing this phase of my meadow area was quite amazing. Lots of aster flowers blooming on their bushy plants. As I stood among them with the breeze blowing, I could hear the buzzing melodies. On quick glance, the meadow looks quiet, only plants moving in the wind. On closer look, each plant was a flurry of activity flitting and flying from flower to flower.

All different bees and wasps feeding and gathering. Wonderful buzzing as they travel and work. The occasional butterfly floating through too. In that moment, all of life was expanding before my eyes, so much, so vibrant, so amazing. What a blessing to witness.

And then a walk through the woods. Sensing the trees whispering to me and to each other. Touching their unique bark imprints, wrapping my arms around their full trunks, honouring that I get to share time and space with beings so much older than I. With much gratitude.

If you have the opportunity to be outside today, even if it is to stand on your front steps, to feel and breathe, enjoy it.


New Moon blessings,



Can you find the stick-type walking creatures on one of the purple asters?

Life beyond what we see in a moment. 

September 9th, 2018

#newmoon #naturetime #treewisdom #oracleintuition

Dragonfly Visits

Posted on June 14, 2017 at 10:55 PM

Stand still awhile it said, and breathe.

There is no need to rush about.

No need to feel lost in the wild of the morning.

Let the cool air allow you to feel the warmth,

and welcome in the moment,

welcome in the connection.

And I breathed deeply in gratitude,

savouring our time together,

in wonder at this visitor who chose me

to travel with for a space in time,

an experience in life,

a symbol in the journey,

and a reminder as magical

as his intricate wings

and deep visioned eyes.

This beautiful dragonfly let me move him from a hazardous space on a busy morning here at home. The temperature had dropped significantly overnight so I think he was a little slower than usual and enjoyed the warmth of my hand. What a wonderful time together, even walking through the house to get my phone for pictures, and then taking him to the back garden area where they often fly and land on the wild blackberry bushes. For those of you who have followed me recently, there is a strong dragonfly theme present and this was another amazing confirmation. Thank you to the dragonfly and the fairies for bringing him to me.



Respect Connection Balance Compassion Gratitude Reading, thoughts for Flood zones

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 1:25 PM

Today’s reading video with thoughts and prayers going out to the regions and people flooded. Please take some time (with the video or on your own) to breathe in and send out positive thoughts, feelings, and vibration to the natural world and to those humans impacted by this high water spring. Breathe, feel through your heart and your abdomen, wherever it feels stronger and better for you. Feel yourself fill with compassion and send out that compassion, understanding, and support. Send support and vibrations to the natural world, all parts of it. Reflect on how you use water, how you interact with animals, plants, forests, and the water ways. We send gratitude and compassion to the natural world and we are willing to learn what we need, we thank Mother Earth for her patience. Carry those energies with you today as you interact with other people and resources.

To access the video, please follow this link: or continue below for the reading contents. Thank you!

Eagle – Communion

A reminder to get back into connection. Get into connection with that deep inner knowing within yourself. There is so much there to bring you feelings, sense of understanding, connection with your body, personality, mind, and spirit, and important information. This can take practice and can take time. Find ways that reconnect you. Journaling, meditation, hanging out with likeminded people, and taking deep breath moments.

This card is also an ask to Respect. To respect each other, the environment, the natural world, and the water. The water energy needs us to pay attention. There is information here to learn about how we use our resources, how we balance with the natural world, as well as with ourselves. We have a lot of water within our bodies, super important connection and tie in with water. What does nature need? What do we need as individuals and as a society.

The Spirit of Fire

Balance is needed. Balance in all things. Balance between the elements. For our homes as well as in nature. Ask yourself in your life what is in balance and what is out of balance. The physical body component: how we are with sleep, eating, physical activity, mind health or overrunning… And the balance with everything around us. Where does the balance in your life need to improve. It may not all happen today but it can start. Steps that you can take that will be helpful, some optional, some by necessity, and some will happen when they happen. Balance in multiple levels of your life. This card really wants to talk on and on about balance. It wants people to be able to enhance their lives, to have a warmth internally represented by the fire, the compassion.

Jumping card…

The Warrior of the Heart

A huge reminder as we are talking about water, that it is a precious commodity. It is a huge part of our bodies, a necessary as fluid, it will impact resources immensely, and it will as affecting the water level heights as oceans rise with melting ice due to the changing global climate.

The Heart: this card is also really suggesting and reminding about the compassion and the gratitude. As humans we have the capacity to take up a shield and “arms” but arms from the heart, that space of compassion and heart-centred warrior-ness . Fire up the compassion. Fire up the gratitude. Look at others with compassion, being aware of possible reasons for their behaviour. Energetically send them compassion and support. Becoming warriors in a good and positive way, allowing ideas to flourish, allowing support to flourish so that as a human race balancing with the natural world, we can become more efficient and more joyful.

Remember take that compassion to heart, that balancing, that support. Breath can help to keep this energy throughout the day, the vision of the eagle, and picturing the fire from the heart.



Featured oracle cards from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available through and and the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, available through Background music by Adrian Von Ziegler “Atmospheres – Relaxing Sounds” available on YouTube.


Welcome to Spring!

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 10:05 PM

Green tea in hand, I look outside to a snow-covered landscape. Spring comes in stages here as everywhere. Blossoming happens when it happens. There are trends and tendencies but the actual arrival and the features that make up that arrival are unique to each region and each day. Much like each human, the timing of when we move from the Winter and into the Spring of each season of our lives varies from person to person. It cannot and will not be rushed. It asks to be embraced as in all other aspects of our lives, experienced, learned from & with, and cherished, one moment at a time.


New Moon – Promise

Spring for many is a time of new beginnings. It just feels natural; it feels in line with the creation of life and the bond with the natural world we live in. As this season starts and progresses, take the time to notice what is happening around you and within you. When do the leaves start to blossom, what birds come back, what is the first insect you see, does the sun feel warmer, do you feel more energized…? In this season there is a promise of new beginnings, it is a given. Life is created, re-created, and seemingly brought back to life. It is also an invitation to make promises, in this case, and invitation to make promises to yourself. As you observe vibrancy, decide how you will promise to observe and live with this Spring energy. Self-care is important and vital. What does it represent to you? What promises will you make for yourself? Remember here that there is never judgement from your highest self, so choose what works for you, what will work for you, what will invite you to feel good and well and full of joy!


Mountain – Strength

Under every Springtime, is the energy of Winter. It has held in the cool air and the cold ground, life in balance. It shows the strong from the weak, it shows kindness where some would bring only cruelty. It is a season that many forget easily and push forward into Spring. This is a time though, to remember your strengths, to bring them forward and give them attention. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Others see it, others may even use your strength to help their own, but you have it, inside, and you know this. As if you stand with the strength of the mountain behind you, the solid nourishing ground beneath you, the full flowing water next to you, and the fresh whispering wind around you, you are able to feel strong, to be strong, for all your needs, your journeys, your encounters, your experiences, and your adventures. You are strong and you are supported. Bring this Winter strength forward with you as you step into Spring. You will feel it and know you are more connected because of it.


Blessings to you on this fine Spring day!



PS: This is also a time of Fairies! They are stretching with the new sun warmth and they are ready to help you manifest what you desire in exchange for care and attention to all things natural as well as kindness in your home and in your heart. “Smile,” they say, “it is not as serious as all that, smile and play!” :)



This message was received with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, available on and

Background inspiration music “Spring Charm” by Adrian Von Ziegler, available on YouTube.


The Mystic Forest

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Blessed be.

Walking amongst the trees,

trees much older than me.

To touch their strong trunks

and feel their energy.

To know with them

the wisdom of the wild

and witness the changing

of the leaves.

Stepping out of the forest

feeling its mystic nature

whispering behind me,

calling me back and

wishing me well,

asking me only to remember

and always to feel,


- with love, Sheila

Posted on October 26, 2016 on BlueWater Oracle Facebook page: 

Connection with the Wild

Posted on August 11, 2016 at 1:30 PM

What is your connection with the wild, with wild spaces, with wilderness, with nature? We tend to forget at times that we are included in this natural world; we are a part of it not apart from it. Our healthy food choices are grown and created. Our bodies react to the weather, the heat, the cold, the humidity, the dryness. Our energy and mood is impacted by those people around us as well as by the animals we share space with, by the Moon, and by our surroundings at any time, outdoors or indoors. Many people acknowledge the impact of being out in nature on their health, vitality, and well-being. We are connected.


I consider myself blessed to live in a region with a lot of natural spaces around. My own property has woodlands, grasslands, planned flowerbeds, and natural meadow-like areas. To some, they might see only weeds and chaos and I can see that too :) but increasingly as the years pass, I am seeing so much more in my space. The uniqueness of where plants choose to grow, the power and strength of the trees, the insect life abundant and busy, the surprises that are always around when only I look. There is a sense of wonder that is beyond amazing in a natural space and I feel honoured to be its keeper here around me, to learn with and from it.


What do I witness here, in my little wilderness? Between yesterday and today, working from home, I have could have created numerous nature documentaries! The largest dragonflies I have ever seen flying over the meadow like big aircraft scanning the ground. Chickadees calling and flitting through the trees then coming down to investigate on my deck posts. Robins seeking water and nutrition in these dry times manoeuvering into wild thorny black thimbleberry bushes after the sweet ripe fruit. Newly discovered wildflowers, one delicate on the banks of my ditch, pale pink as it opens to the sunlight, another a pale yellow popping up in the meadow area. Along the roadside, defying periodic mowing, a lone strong blue Chicory and adorable tiny Deptford Pink wildflowers are joys to discover. A variety of butterflies and bees reminding me why I choose to keep natural spaces. A bat flying overhead last evening as I stepped outside to see the first stars, fantastic as it shows hope for the local bat population. And today, a family of five crows, doing intricate gymnastics to get to the fruit on a neighbour’s tree and then pausing together high up in a Maple on the edge of my property.


I encourage you to bring a little wild nature into your space. Let its magic bring you enjoyment and wonder each & every day. Share what you have and what you love with others, you may just inspire them! My walkabout yesterday inspired me to write this poem. Enjoy.


Nature magic blessings!


The Wild & Aware

I walk through the wild,

that close to home

and away in the deep.

I touch and smell,

listen and notice.

I welcome and witness,

and I am enhanced.

My soul sings

to see the growth.

It sings to see and hear

those that make the wild

their home.

They know what they need.

They seek what they must find

passing by me as if I am

another tall ship in their day.

I speak

hoping my intention and welcome

is heard.

I watch

absorbing the wonder and miracles

of it all.


that I may have no impact,

I may be of no interest,

or I may change lives

and be a source of sheer amazement

standing there,

walking through.

My spirit is in joy.

My body feels the essence.

Energy coming from all sides,

energy coming from within,

and flowing from all around.

Each contributes

in their own special way.

Each is needed

more than I know,

more than I can see;

but I feel it,

I know it,

down into my cells.

Creating the next moments

in a new stir,

a new flourish

of being,

more than I am.

And being taught here

in the wild, by the wild

that I am more


and welcome here

when I step and walk

alive, awake, and




by Sheila Bicknell 

[email protected]

mobile 514-573-4740


Please show respect for this writing and its author, always include the author name, contact information, and these phrases. Please request permission before using this for anything other than personal, individual use. Thank you.




Oracle Full Moon at the Hudson Labyrinth

Posted on July 20, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Listen to your guidance!

I had a beautiful evening last night. The super bright Full Moon was cresting over the dark tree tops in the deep blue sky as I sat down to write, let it soak in, and look back at the pictures from my walk. I felt enchanted, energized, and enraptured after spending the dusk hour at the Hudson Labyrinth in Quebec, Canada (Please see link to its information below). It was guidance that brought me there, for the first time, in solitude of person, but surrounded by nature and spirit. A glorious walk through fields and woodlands, ancient trees standing tall & mystical, evening birdsong in the canapy and grasses, a rabbit down a side path, a curious cat wondering what I was doing sitting in stillness, flitting insects investigating & changing position as night falls, and then joyously just as I decided to say goodnight, bats overhead! The welcome sight of bats gives hope after populations have declined here and felt like a real honouring of the evening & night times. 

What does an Oracle do with all this at a full moon? Clear, bless, and intend crystals. Breathe deeply. Whisper to the energies & feel their responses. Thank the trees for their wisdom. Bring an offering to the elemental energies. Pray for my own guidance & wisdom on this journey. And pull a card for myself...

Thank you to those who created and maintain such a special and peaceful place. I look forward to my next visit...

Blessed be.


Pathways near Hudson Labyrinth:

Hudson Labyrinth:

My card for the Full Moon:

Full Moon coming up Hudson Labyrinth:

In gratitude...

New Moon to Full Moon ...

Posted on April 22, 2016 at 8:15 PM

Hello beautiful souls!

A couple of weeks ago was the New Moon here. It sparked something new in my oracle practice - a video oracle card reading! I had thought about doing videos and tested one out in private. Then I had the idea brought to me from another source and decided it was time! What better day to start something new than a New Moon! 

I was blessed by the support and response that video received. Listening to inner guidance while being surrounded by caring, heart-centred, wise people, is a great way to move forward on this life journey. 

Today is Earth Day here as well as being a Full Moon. And so, over the last couple of days, the next video has been stirring, waiting to be created. And once again I pressed "publish" and prayed! Doing a card reading is truly my way of being connected to all the energies we are a part of, earth and moon included. I am extremely grateful to those who have watched this most recent video and who have let me know it touched and helped them. What great energies we are creating together!

As the day has progressed, I have shared these types of thoughts with friends and others online, sharing my video and thinking about who I am and what I do. It has been a reflective and teaching day. As the light started to fade this evening I drove to run an errand. The Earth Day theme has been with me, wondering what else I should do to honour it. Driving home, I looked along to local fields... there a small group of wild turkeys were trekking and feeding. In the background, the cloudy skies opened up to allow bright rays of sunlight in the distance as if someone was painting an expressive moment in time. The turkeys moved off across the street and into the woodlands. In the quiet of my car, I heard little chirping sounds and looked back to the field to see a pair of gorgeous Wood Ducks out for an evening walk, gently chatting as they went, the sunlight still creating beauty in the background. It is these moments we can create and find anywhere, whether sitting in peace and quiet with gemstones and oracle cards or pausing to watch birds and clouds design an evening, that makes us connect with our Earth and hopefully she with us. 

Blessings for your Earth Day Full Moon and for a wonderous weekend,


Here is the link to my video on YouTube :) :

Snow, Geese, & Time

Posted on January 1, 2016 at 9:35 AM

From Dec 30th, 2015, :

Walking out in the new fallen snow last night, a flock of Canada Geese flew over me, heading south. It was a quiet evening letting their voices carry through the night sky. This morning as I eat breakfast, another flock heads from nearby waterways going south, their voices touching my ears through the quiet of my home. December 29 & 30th, first big snow storm of our season here yesterday and geese heading south, how amazing. Time can mean everything and it can mean nothing. Let your own guidance be what tells you about your life and your needs today.
Peaceful blessings,