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Circle of Life, Spirals and the Path - July Guidance Reading 2020

Posted on July 2, 2020 at 12:15 AM

July intuitive guidance for the month 2020


Circle of Life


In the spiral is contained the beginning, the middle, and the end. There is no point that completely stops, that stays stable or stagnant for very long. When something ends, something else begins. When one stands and breathes, one realizes that the next stone, the next piece, the next moment, is connected right beside. All connects to all at the same time, even if the view is different.


In this beautiful summery scene, the vividness of life and the circle is shown. Where the stones and hills bring the permanency and longstanding of some aspects of nature and life, the grasses and flowers remind that some things are seasonal to grow, blossom, nourish, and then walk on in more rapid cycles. Without this balance, the support system is more challenged. Some only see what shows the stability and the structure while others only see the new growth with changes and adventure. Both have value.


Recognizing this value is a way to come into balance and to allow all things to be recognized for their place and their purpose. Fighting it throws the balance off to one side where it is harder to get the footing, harder to grow at odd angles, and harder to flourish with natural adaptation. Not impossible, but more challenging.


Observe the spiral formation on the card. There is what is outside the path, what makes up the path, and the path itself. The stones create the path but are not the path. The grass is an easier space to maneuver in and walk with. The centre is a place to observe the journey and to decide what is within and where to walk next.


Where are you and what feels natural to you? Do you tend to walk outside of the path and stones, enjoying freedom and choosing your own route whether it has a path or not? Do you get guided onto the path and walk on it with curiosity and interest? Do you follow the path because it is easier and feels better to you? Do you walk across the path circles so you get where you are going faster? Do you notice you tend to try to walk on the stones even as they shift under your feet? Or Do you tend towards a combination of all of the above, having moments of freedom and adventure near the path, phases of guidance that show you a path, feelings of flow and inspiration on the path, moments where you hop steps to see what happens, times where footing and flow are tough as things seem to shift and change quickly, and with moments to pause and observe all of the viewpoints from wherever you are, appreciating each part?


Each person will have a part that feels more in flow to them, that feels more natural. For some it is the adventure of an unknown path. For others it is being guided into flow with the path seeing and noticing all other options as they are nearby, perhaps popping out for experiential visits. For some it is to gently walk on the path supported by the framework and feeling good within it. Maybe others even feel they start from the centre of the spiral and work their way out, ever expanding and creating more connections!


Notice for yourself if you seem to be always walking on the stones? Some stones will be great with that, feeling that you can stand well and get an extra vantage point. Other stones will slip and move under you, tossing you into one aspect of the circle or another. Does trying to walk on the stones of this spiral feel natural to you? Does it connect you with something within you? Or is it walking against the flow? What are you resisting when you expect yourself to or force yourself to walk on uneven and movable stones? There could be a lesson in the balancing! Or it could be that each moment of struggle is showing you a way to be more in the flow, in whatever unique way it is for you.


You stand now in your present moment of your circle of life. You could deny it as many humans do. More and more gets built, for security and safety yes, but also for a sense of permanency. The legacy that will live on, the structure… Life is not permanent though. Those that have life in nature are not permanent. They come and go with the wind, the waves, the clouds, the rains, the days shifting to nights and forward again. They live upon and within the more solid energy of structure, rocks, mountains, oceans, land… Everything else is energy in fluidity, in movement of time and space that humans can recognize their own lives within.


Trying to create a circle that contains life within its walls is like trying to ask something to be permanent when it has a will to experience, to flow, to grow, to age, to feel, and to connect, with each changing moment and each unique beat of the heart and breath of the lungs. Would it not be more in flow with the spiral to create the supports for life that work with the energy, with the cycles, with the components that make up the different pathways? Where free zones meet the stone guides and the grassy paths, where the view supports itself from every side, and where you choosing to be on the outside is really as amazing as choosing to be at the centre. No one is left on the outskirts because there are no outskirts, just different perspectives that all work together.


What would that be like? A spiral where people are not worrying about their place in the circle of life but are rather living life, in each precious moment? It may not be a simple path or it might be as easy as a combination of ideas that get negotiated and adapted together, working together. Where nature does not worry either but finds her place within the spiral, its freedoms, stone guides, pathways, and circles of life?


Notice your circle of life this month. Notice the circles of life going on around you at all times. Connect with them in the flow of breath and experience. Create the stories that become the legacy through the spirals, create the memories, and live the life. Let yourself see what the circle needs, for you, for your family, for nature, and for all. And notice where you put up walls that hinder your view.


It is all connected: you, spiral, nature, circle of life.


Let the love of life be an inspiration for choices forward. Each step, each balance point, each breath, each stone, each blade of grass… is of value, as are you.


with love and deep respect,



and Divine Great Spirit energies with the Native Spirit Oracle Cards.


The Native Spirit Oracle Cards are by Denise Linn and published by Hay House.


Adventure: Plans, Wonders, & Balance - June Guidance Reading 2020

Posted on June 3, 2020 at 11:35 AM

June guidance for the month 2020


Embarking on an Adventure

“I savor the wonders of the world.”


As soon as I turned this card, I thought it seemed very recently familiar. Yup, it was the last card I pulled as a general reading in my live video reading session Friday evening May 29th on Facebook, to lead us into the weekend. I guess it was really setting up the next month too! Here we go, Adventuring…


At a time when “Adventure” takes on a whole new meaning for many people, it is also a time when the adventure is so very needed. You may have planned things, you may have had activities that were on your schedule, you were looking forward to times and places… and here you are, much of that completely changed. Acknowledge what you are missing. Allow yourself the time, space, and energy to grieve. And then see the adventure that is right in front of you, the one you are currently on.


How many times have you been a part of something that did not go as planned? Pause for a moment here and reflect, really reflect on this. How often do things go as planned and how often do things run smoothly according to the laid out plans? There is a balance within this that is to be realized and attained. Having a plan helps a human (and other creatures do it to) prepare for a desired or needed outcome. That outcome may be the result of the adventure or it may be the adventure itself. Get into your system and notice how it feels to you when something does not go according to plan.


For some people, the spontaneity and flexibility of changing plans is a driving force, they live for it and they live by it. They think, adapt, and respond quickly, engaged in the next route that they come up with or that is shown to them. They and adventure are used to writing and rewriting scripts as needed and as wanted. For some people, when plans change, they do find solutions but it is after or with frustrated reaction. Their relationship with adventure is not quite so smooth and forgiving. And then another group, find that when life does not go as planned, they are lost in the “what was to be” and may notice they get stuck without stepping forward or become overtaken by the frustration, grief, and loss without seeing their other options, even if those options stand directly in front of them.


This is not to say that it is unacceptable to be frustrated when plans take big and important turns. Not at all. There is a point and a need in the reaction that comes up. The more the individual is aware of the reaction they are having, while the plans are in progress, before, after, and if they need to change, the more the person will be shown where they are seeking balance, where they are in balance, and where they are wishing balance for others.


To expect situations to always go as planned is to bring a belief that you are in control of every component that is touched by and that touches the plan. Does that make sense? Looking at your life, living your life, do you have knowledge that you have a hand of control in how everything will work out? You play a part yes. You have commitment and responsibility yes. You have choice yes. But do you have control over all the aspects that intersect with your life? We say “No” but what do you say? You have choice after all.


As you notice how you work with planning things in your life and what your expectations of control are, you are provided with opportunity at every crossroads and at every doorway. Prevention, preparation, and intention through planning, in balance with choice, life’s intricate web, and the unknown. Where are you at with that balance? Where are those around you at? Where is your community, your society, your country, your world? Observing through the eyes of others and the big picture gives you valuable perspective that will enhance your ability to live in your moments, to intend forward, to plan, and to act as choices are presented to you.


Now what is the Adventure you are Embarking on? Is it one you intended? Is it one that seems thrust upon you? Is it shifting and changing under your feet seemingly with each breath? Or is it just a ride you are enjoying as the waves carry you watching the scenery, feeling the flow and air, seeing the creatures, feeling, and learning? There is no right or wrong answer, there is only your answer in this moment.


In whatever aspect you are currently on related to your Adventure of life, you are experiencing life, your life. What greater adventure is there really? For some this adventure is literally climbing the biggest mountains of the world, for others it is raising multiple children teaching and showing them what they need for human life, for some it is where joy is found in the simple complexity of a flower, while others create human achievements that are recognized worldwide, and so on. There is no one way to adventure, there is no right way - there is only your way. But…


When the adventure of one cuts off or hinders the adventure of another, there is imbalance. This imbalance radiates out until someone shifts it. What you see may not be what another sees. What you know is not what another knows. What you do is yours alone to control. Highlight this paragraph, feel it and recognize it, speak to it and with it… live it.


The wonders of the world start in your own home and your own backyard. Adventuring far away to find them is like waiting for the wind to come across the mountain top on the other side of the world before you take a breath. That wind is connected to your breath but you will lose out if you wait that long. What wonders of the world you are living in are right in front of you asking to be seen, noticed, understood. Giving them awareness in honest discovery may be the start of the shift for balance in more ways than you can currently imagine.


What adventure is being presented to you? What actions are you choosing? What wonders of your world are you observing and understanding? Be present in your life, it is a wonder of the highest degree surrounded and deeply connected with the world, your world.


With deep love and admiration,



and Great Spirit Infinite Wisdom working with the Gateway Oracle Cards (by Denise Linn,




Choices & Perspectives through the Icebergs - May Intuitive Guidance Reading

Posted on May 2, 2020 at 6:45 PM

Choices & Perspectives through the Icebergs

May Intuitive Guidance Reading 2020


Once again, the monthly guidance reading is coming through the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. They are deeply connected to the world, to nature, as well as to how we work with it and how we work with energy, the universe, and with spirit. Gratitude for the guidance we will receive for our month ahead.


Iceberg – Submerged


After our Cave – Sanctuary guidance in April, this is a card that speaks to our times and asks us to choose how we step forward.


The two huge icebergs can come together and move forward in unity, each empowering the other as they traverse along the water. They can otherwise ram into each other, creating splintering, loud crashes, and faster melting. They could choose to pass each other by, acknowledging the existence of the other but not having anything to do with each other, continuing on their own direction and purpose. And the unseen could be that these icebergs are actually one, connected at the bottom under the water surface in huge magnificence even if there is some space, different perspectives, and even some divides above the surface.


We are able to choose which of the above scenarios we participate in in our lives and our world at certain times. Sometimes though, that choice seems very out of our hands and we do the best we can given the situation we find ourselves in. We are always able to choose how we react in those situations, what actions we take, what words we say, and how we step forward through it all. We have those choices.


One of the factors that helps us with these choices is perspective. Depending on whether you stand atop the iceberg, whether you are in a boat looking through the gap between, whether you are on the land or the ice flow beyond, or whether you are underwater looking at their icy bases and the life that flows around them, you have a very different perspective. Acknowledging that these different viewpoints exist gives you wisdom in how you speak and act to yourself and your own life, but also to others who are impacted in possibly very different ways. These are skills that can take ages to develop for some while in others come highly naturally giving skill in communication, listening, compassion, patience, and negotiation.


We can notice where we are only seeing a part of the image and not the big picture. We can notice where our own perspective can affect our view of the picture. We can also notice where some are blinded and not seeing the picture at all, or if that is actually us. These are not easy things to realize as they ask us for self-reflection, reflection on a local level, on a world level, and beyond. We can start by noticing and choose forward from there, course correcting as needed with learning, knowledge, guidance, community, and experience.


And as we are noticing, as we are learning and experiencing, the ice melts. The Earth calls to us with every piece that is sheered away from its whole, every piece that does the great separation as is falls into the water below. She calls to us as the pieces get smaller and smaller, separating and distancing. She calls to us as the bow of a great ship breaks through to create its own path not seeing the effects it forces behind it. She calls to us as the land watches wondering how it will survive when the water rises. The land embraces a new journey always but shifts and changes with the wind and water upon it, questioning the timing of it all, that we are not ready for this.


Mother Earth asks us to shift our perspective, from the one to the whole, from the me to the we, from the human to nature together, from the gain to the resource, from the challenge to the solution, from the denial to the learning, from the whisper to the knowing, from the “She is not needed” to the “She is everything and we are a part of She”. Huge, She knows! Challenging? Yes. Emotional? Yes. Possible? Yes. She believes. She keeps sending messages to help, messages to guide, options to embrace, needs to listen to that have actions to take. Embrace the shift and know the balance is there.


There is very little on her great globe that does not ask for effort. Some things do flow easily but many are entertained with intention, commitment, and action, feeling the effort with every step and every fibre of being. It is the way of life. It is the way of effort. The bird will soar on the air high up in the skies but first it must flap to gain the height and the positioning to then glide.


The perspective of ease and flow is magical. It is there and it does exist. Seek now the effort, learning, experience, and action that make up the step before the ease and flow. Seek now the perspective that lets you see from all needed angles and with all valuable wisdom.


You are not “only one being with little or no value to the whole”. You are an intricate part. In your caring for others, in your work, in your creations, in your actions, in your raising of young, in your learning from the old, in your choices, and in your breath itself. Everything upon She has its place even when we cannot see it. Find yours and embrace it! Bring yourself honour and value in each moment knowing your worth and raising others to know theirs. Together your perspectives ignite what is needed for all, but it all starts with choice. Integrity of choice put forward into actions others feel, see, know, and receive.


One droplet is contained in the mightiest iceberg and the greatest ocean. Without it, there is a shift that creates far-reaching ripples. Your droplet matters.



With love, hope, and gratitude,



and divine wisdom guidance through the Earth Magic Oracle Cards (by Steven Farmer,


Cave Sanctuary - Balance & Respect - April Guidance Reading

Posted on April 4, 2020 at 1:50 PM

April guidance for the month 2020 BlueWater Oracle


Cave – Sanctuary


Really?? Haha! You can’t make this stuff up! (enter amazement and huge appreciation for my oracle cards and universal divine wisdom here :) ) For those who are not yet (or not able to) follow my Live sessions on my BlueWater Oracle Page and my Oracle Cove membership group on Facebook, I will let you know that we have had this card come up a few times over the last few weeks, speaking to these current situations and the changes in our routines. It is an incredible card as so many more people are in their home “caves” and seeking sanctuary in new or deeper ways. Before you read ahead to this guidance reading, give yourself a moment to look at this card. Look at the image, feel into it. Receive the words and what they mean to you. This is your time to connect with your intuitive knowing.


At one point in history, someone discovered a cave. The animals who used them were already aware of the shelter and sometimes deep water they provided. Then humans found that these natural rock and soil phenomenon were also important to shelter from the elements, from other animals, to create fire away from the wind, and to gather together. These were places that tools created could be kept, food could be eaten, young and older family members could be safe. Stories, legends, lessons, and wisdom could be shared by firelight when being out in the dark was not recommended or when the outside elements were a challenge.


In other parts of the world, people created their own “caves”. Not having those rock locations, they created shelter in whatever way best spoke to them when needed with the resources available. Perhaps they climbed up a tree for shelter, maybe they made a hut, perhaps grass and branches created a lean-to, and so on, unique to each region and each people.


At some point, someone claimed the “best cave”. It might have been the one with the deepest cavern, the one with the purest access to fresh water, the one the wind didn’t enter, or the one with the best view of the hunting & gathering grounds. As populations grew, more “caves” were needed and someone chose that one would get the bigger and better “caves” than others. In some areas and by some people this might have been done for good reasons. In other areas, this was done with the concept of “I am better and deserve better than you.”


Each of those “caves” provided shelter but some did it better than others. Certain people were able to survive and thrive more than others. With this attitude and this result, effects trickled down. Some “caves” kept growing, others got smaller or had none. The desire for “more” grew in certain populations. This led to the acquiring, and the creating more to acquire more. Some acquired and others had barely enough. Was this wrong or was this just the way of things? What were the options?


As the acquiring, getting more, having more, and deserving better than another continued to grow, its effect continued to trickle down, becoming more of a rush of effect and results. Unbalance started to be more apparent. Unbalance between peoples leading to unbalance in resources. Unbalanced effects onto the natural world leading to more need to acquire, gather, keep, and protect one’s own. Note here that humans are not the only ones who gather for themselves, who protect their territory, family, acquisitions, and their “caves”. It is a part of many lives of creatures and living organisms. It is even a part of many ecosystems involving many levels of life working together for the whole. Humans do it bigger. But do they do it better?


A cycle started to increase in volume and in speed, but not in benefit for most.


This is being brought up in this way for you to reflect. As you are in your “cave”, and we hope it is providing you with shelter, warmth or cool, and a good place for your food and family, you are given the opportunity to reflect. Those who are not in reflection mode but are in extreme active mode out of necessity will benefit because you have taken the time and effort to reflect.


Observe what your needs are, your real needs. What your family needs. What brings you the most value and joy in life. Break it down to the bare floor and bare wall perspective, as if you were in the cave in the picture. This is not to discourage you from desiring for more, from hoping for more, from dreaming and dreaming big, but it is about creating all this in balance for the whole. The balance, the respect is an important piece of the puzzle that is now being presented.


You can use the examples of others that you know or see on the news, have visited or see in documentaries to help you compare and observe: what do I need, what do we all need, really? What does the Earth need? What do you as people need from the Earth? Note the need for integrated effort. That is a great starting point.


As you are in these reflections and observations, you are given an opportunity to look to your own “cave”. What represents “need” and what represents “joy” in your space? There is nothing wrong with either. This is to bring your awareness into your home and how you are creating it. What décor do you love and that brings you joy or learning? What tools are available that really help you, how do they help you? Notice what is a true need versus a need that has been created. Again, not for you to completely change everything today but for you to NOTICE and to bring awareness. Where is the balance, where is the respect, for you, for your loved ones, for others, for the whole, and for the Earth?


Sanctuary – at a time when many are scared and suffering (which in reality happens every day all the time on Earth in recent history just the format right now might be different), creating your sanctuary is important for you and for those close to you. What is most important for your sanctuary? What in your space and your “cave” is not working towards your feeling and desire for sanctuary? Your first reaction may be that you are not able to make changes right now. The awareness of the need for change is an important first moment. What would you change if you could? (remembering balance and respect) What is one step that you could make towards that?


Inner Sanctuary – you are connected with you at all times. Your mind and body work together to keep you safe, fed, functioning, and well. This is an important time to align with your own system. What does it need right now? How can you help your brain and your body achieve their basic objectives? Part of this also speaks to mental health and noticing when you need to be patient and kind with yourself, allowing stresses and insecurities to wave up to be noticed and then working with the system to verify and adjust. Within the mind and body system there are also the emotions. These are messengers to help you as they connect your history with your present. When they wave up unexpectedly, see what they are bringing to you and how the rest of you (brain and body) are reacting. Bring yourself care in those moments. Listen to yourself and treat yourself well.


For many the concept of inner spirit is also part of their inner sanctuary. This is welcoming deeper connection and reflection with self. It is a step by step practice. It is also a practice that reminds you how your mind, body, and emotions are also deeply natural. Like nature they will go through cycles. Like nature they will learn and adapt. Like nature they depend on themselves but also on the balance of the whole. Take a moment today to feel the inner connection you have (even if it feels a bit wacky right now), it is there and it holds wisdom for you and for your life. This moment of connection is a beautiful commitment you are making to yourself towards a life living with sanctuary. It is not to only seek it in emergency moments. It is to create it, to be it, for your highest good and for the good of the Whole.


May your home be your sanctuary.

May your connection with others fill you with joy.

May your body know sanctuary in its wellness.

May your mind know sanctuary through efficiency, calm, and peace.

May your spirit resonate with natural flow and balance.

May you feel one as part of the whole.


With love and deep appreciation,


and Great Spirit Divine Wisdom working with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, published through Hay House.



Ancestors, Generations, Embrace the Future, and Open Your Heart!

Posted on April 2, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Yesterday I jumped on to do an impromptu live reading session here on my BlueWater Oracle Facebook Page. So honoured to do this work and bring insights and support forward. Here are the first two general group reading cards we pulled! Great reminders and hope!


The Ancestors - Generations card brought us insights about the wisdom from our ancestors. This is an important time to be receiving and sharing the stories of our elders and seniors. They have wisdom through experience as well as valuable stories of the journeys of life from their families and themselves. It is a time to bring wisdom from different ancestor lines together for greater understanding, truth, and connection.


We honour all the people caring for others at this time. This card brought out the particular value of parents caring and raising children while all this is going on. Whether they are little wee ones or big young adults, your role as parent and guide is so important to this future generation, what they know, what they learn, how they behave, and how they see forward.


The Embracing the Future card brought us a shift of energy as we move into April. It reminds us to look at the beautiful horizon. What are we bringing forward, what are we creating, what is our vision? It is a time to open our hearts. This allows us to behave and respond with compassion, kindness, understanding, and love. It does not mean that we let ourselves get walked over but that we respond in a way bringing us closer to our vision. This is not the time to be putting up walls, it is the time to open the heart. You have choices at all times, this gives you freedom, even if you cannot see the way just right now.


Allow these cards to speak to you, to bring you connection and communication through your own knowing and your own intuition.


I look forward to our next messages and wisdom receiving times together.


Be well, stay well.

Wake the Wisdom, Feel the Magic.

with love,



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Communion with You and Nature

Posted on March 4, 2020 at 11:25 AM

March intuitive guidance reading for the month 2020

The month of March feels like a very earthy month. It feels very deep in communication and in magical energy related to the natural world. For those who are entering Spring, it is the waking and stretching of nature. It also includes a call to notice and to be in connection with the natural world, within the body, mind, and spirit, as well as with what is natural and wild all around. For those entering the Autumn season, it is a deep appreciation for all that has been, for all that has grown and prospered, and for all that is returning to the land and caring for the land. With that, its connection comes in rich, profound depths that are there for you and want you to work with it all.

Eagle – Communion

As this card was selected for the reading today, before I turned it over, I had the sense of the deepness of the messages today for this month. There are many who desire deep connection. This is a great and important time to seek and allow this. The connection is there, it is always there. It is us and our journey, individually and collectively that moves us in line and in flow with it or moves us to work opposite it. We are the ones who would benefit or would suffer as a result. We can live, for sure, either way, but the depths of what is satisfied and our truth will tell us whether we are aligned or could benefit otherwise.

In this card, we have the connection between the human, the sacred, the animal kingdom, and all that is working with us and around us. What is sacred to you is unique. How you see and connect to the natural world is unique. How you choose to live your life is unique. How you connect with yourself and your life is unique. There are strategies and ideas that can be learned. Advice and work methods are there for you to bring you in touch with it all. And there are tendencies and ways of being that are common and present even if intricate.

Somewhere inside you, you know whether you desire a different kind of connection, something deep and sacred. You may already have it or you may be starting to feel into it. This is not a race. Somewhere inside you, you may recognize the natural world connection. You may already be deeply rooted and connected with nature or you may simply know it exists. This is not a contest. It is not about who connects better with nature. It is however, here and now, about how you ARE nature and how nature IS connected with you.

Does that surprise you? Do you ever think of yourself as being nature or “natural”? Do you ever think of the natural world as needing you to function well and properly? Many people do not. It is not in their daily living and does not enter into something they need to put time and effort into. And this is alright until it isn’t. When the person becomes so separate from the nature within, they may notice more fatigue, disconnection with life, challenge healing, feeling of missing out, etc. They may not of course, it might just not be a priority or a valid need for them. But it is worth noticing.

For nature needing you in order to function properly, this is not in the level of an animal needing you to live life how it has been taught or understands instinctively. The eagle knows how to be an eagle based on generations of learning as well as learning directly from family and from instinctual knowing. It does not need you to show it that. Where it might need you is if you interfere with its learning or natural living. It might need you when the nature it depends on and works with is shifted because of you and your ways. Why is this important? For some it is not, it is really not, they couldn’t care less, or could they? Is their disconnection from self and from nature so intense that they do not see or feel anything about their own natural aspects or the natural world? They may not know and nor may you but it is something to allow yourself to notice within your own body system, your energy, and the natural world around you. How does the natural world need you and how do you need it?

Communion is a deep connection with clear and varied communication. This month you will have moments and occasions when you experience this valuable communion. At the very basic level, you will be invited to commune with you. Who are you? How are you living? What choices do you make every day, in how you treat yourself and others, in how you listen to yourself and others? You are an amazing system of communication, personality, body, energy, mind, heart, and spirit. Trying to be only one of these is like asking the tree to function when you have cut off its roots and branches leaving only the trunk. Will it spout and root? Maybe, but it will certainly be a more intensive challenging phase.

As you commune with you, do so with patience and understanding. When you are out with nature, you may know details about the natural world and what is happening but you can also be present in peaceful observation. Be in peaceful communion with you. What is happening in your system? What is your system noticing and experiencing? What makes you feel joyful? What do you know you need? Awareness of breath and life. Awareness of you.

How deep you bring this communion with you, your life, and the natural world is up to you. For some it is enough to have that awareness and basic level of understanding to communicate and to be. For others the call and the need is to go deeper and to connect more. Keep the communion and connection in balance in your life the same way nature functions on an intricate balance at all times. If you only connect and commune with one part of your life, you may notice that other parts begin to vie for their own needs and for your attention. They are seeking communion, they are seeking balance. Have you noticed that nature does the same? If you focus only on the human needs, does nature start to vie for attention? Could it be a need for communion and a need for balance for the natural world but also for the human as part of that natural world?

When you commune with you and all that you are, you welcome in a sense of calm and peace, no matter what is happening in your life. When you commune with you as a natural being and as part of the natural world, you seek balance in ways that serve you, in all your aspects, and nature too.

How are you communing with you today?

How are you communing with you as a natural being?

How are you communing with the natural world?

The spiritual world is happy to know you and the natural world is happy to get to know you, again.

with love,



and Great Spirit divine wisdom with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer (Hay House published).


Playfulness, Smiles, & Feelings Flow - February Guidance Reading

Posted on February 2, 2020 at 5:25 PM

February guidance for the month 2020


As I sit to write the guidance for this month, it makes sense to me that it would come through on the day when the dates fall in an amazing sequence: 02-02-2020. This date is the same forwards or backwards and runs with a great deal of two energy. Looking at it, I sense the duality of what has come before this date and what is coming after this date. Isn’t it amazing that there are opportunities at many crossroads for us to shift, change, learn, and adapt, and for us to experience along the way. Things are not always set in stone even if they seem that way at a quick glance. Sitting and breathing in this day, there are many opportunities in the here and now as well as for what will come. Breathe into your now, it is the most valuable time you have and is speaking to you through your soul.



“My joy is the greatest gift that I give to others!”


I laugh as I pull this card. I have just shared a photo of a beach where I was recently on a blessed vacation and here we get a seaside scene! Confirmations and synchronicities abound when we are open and welcoming to them!


What does playfulness mean to you? When did you last hold the sense of playfulness in your day?


Playfulness is often something that people associate with children. Children in certain cultures are granted the time and privilege to play as a way of exploring life and their growth. It feeds into the imagination and the joy that the innocence of life can have. Others of course are brought into harder realities of life very early, whether by circumstance, by society, or by life journey turning unexpectedly for them and for those around them. Whatever a child may be going or have gone through, most adults can think, remember and feel the power, warmth, and genuineness of a youthful smile. Those smiles can come out of the most difficult moments and hold the intense truth of love and joy in them. Whoever receives such a smile would do well to remember the gift that has been given to them.


These smiles come in moments of play but also in moments of cherishing life. They come in moments of love and exploration. They come in moments of appreciation and compassion. They come to others as well as to life itself. They come from a place that is not always explainable but can be felt and resonated with. These smiles are messages before the brain goes into logic or detailed language. These smiles are truth and are wonderful.


When was the last time you smiled? What did it feel like? Were you smiling at yourself about something or were you smiling at another? Maybe you smiled because you received a smile. Maybe you were the instigator and created a ripple effect that others carried with them. Maybe it was a quiet reminder to yourself of joy that was in your heart and in your life, being expressed outwardly through your body.


So much of human life is to “get things done”, to “accomplish”, and “do”. It makes sense. This is a survival thing. In order to have the water and food you need, you must walk, collect, search, carry, gather, grow, preserve, keep, eat and drink. Does the need to do these things have to take away from joy in those moments? Sit with this for a bit. How often are you in joy and smiling with your day to day tasks and actions? Could they be or Are they smile worthy situations?


Allow your playful side to show you how any situation can have smile moments and sensations. Some will come despite something difficult or through a challenge. You’ve had those, where people are in grief and sadness, then something happens that everyone starts giggling at. It sparked a good memory or touched the silliness part of the brain and the smiles start, laughter follows. People often feel bad or embarrassed in these times but it is an expression of the joy that is being felt at the same time as the sadness, at the same time as the tears. This can and does happen regularly. Feeling angry and then happy soon after. Feeling despair and then love. Feeling frustrated and then giddy. Why?


These sensations, emotions, and feelings, are flowing in and out of you all the time. There is no static, no stable point when it is all one thing. Have you noticed how a child can be in full tears, deeply upset about something and then quickly shifts into a smile and a laugh? The young allow the flow so easily compared to many older. The older bring in judgement and correctness. They may forget about the flow and forget how great it feels to be in joy, in smiles, and in play. There is no wrong aspect about flowing from one feeling to another. In fact it is as natural as breathing. Resisting that flow is what is not natural.


When people resist the flow through and with emotions, they are holding themselves, their physical and psychological selves rigid and hard. It builds up so the body has to express itself or the psyche does and all the emotions overflow in a huge wave that is often then tough to manage. Take a breath right now and feel… how many different sensations and feelings are present within you right now? Are some flowing stronger and then dissipating? Are some in the background because they have been pushed aside for a long time? Are some ready to flow up, be felt, be expressed, and then flow on through amazing energy channels? This flow allows you to connect with you on an honest, open, and deep level.


And in that flow, you can play. Like playing a piece of music that flows from one note to another, from one rhythm to another, you feel and you flow. As some of the emotions are sensed, others can then be given their space to express. It is your own orchestra in motion. It is you, no right or wrong, just you. If one instrument is getting too loud or taking the spotlight and making everyone else wince, then you listen, feel, and let it flow. Through that, it will feel heard and respected, it will have a voice when it needs to and will then allow way for another to play.


Embrace play in whatever you are doing. Creating is part of who you are. Whether it is day to day survival tasks or work or art or parenting, or whatever. You are creating. Smile as you let yourself play. Feel how that sense of play is for you. Do you like it? Does it feel like something you would like to create more of? Go for it. The beach is there for you, the water is there for you. Smile, create, feel, and play.


Wishing you a playful and creative February.

With love,



and divine guidance messages with the help of the Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards by Denise Linn (Hay House published).

January 1st Vision Quest reading

Posted on January 4, 2020 at 12:10 AM

My January 1st 2020 reading post. This still applies as we journey through this early part of January and anytime you want to welcome in the new day energy and visions forward. 

We start a new day. Some things are the same as before and some are brand new. Which do you keep and which do you choose to move on from? Which do you create and tend to to flourish? and When do you hold yourself with deep love to heal and to enjoy?


Vision Quest

A gorgeous and deep card for today. Before you get into the planning and preparing, before you get into the thinking of hows and when’s, let your vision soar. Let your imagination, deepest desires, and soul knowledge be the inspirations for the rising vision. Let yourself play.


In your quest for vision today, you may have moments when the creating comes as you sit amongst the stones, safe, secure, and feeling protected. At other moments, your vision will come when you have climbed to the top balancing your feet on the highest rocks and raising your hands to the sun, full smile on your face and full joy in your heart. Both are valuable to you, bringing depth and range to your vision. Let yourself be still and then let yourself climb. What do you see? What vision is there to encourage you?


This is your quest for today, to be, to feel joy, to dance with love, and to embrace vision.


With creative vision blessings and magical light of this day,



with great mystery guidance and the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.


Necklace featuring words identified and welcomed at my amazing solstice event with Om Creative by Mariel. Hidden words just for me. :)

Intuitive Light Radiance & Feel at Home - January Guidance Reading

Posted on January 3, 2020 at 3:45 PM

Oracle Intuitive Guidance Reading for January 2020


This card comes with a highly excited energy as I was shuffling the Gateway Oracle Deck. The Vision Quest card (Native Spirit Oracle Cards) I pulled on January 1st still guides us as we step into this new year and is a great reminder as well as being a great tool as we start each new day.


Revealing Radiance

“My light illuminates the world.”


Ouf, we have all been in the dark too long! The clam shell has been closed and only a trickle of light has been able to come in. People have done really well considering how it was quite a dark and enclosed way of being. They have persevered and they have innovated. They have multiplied and they have sought riches and treasures. Now there are real choices to be made. It starts with each one and tumbles from there. We say tumbles because it does not always feel like a fantastic flow that one would picture as gentle water moving down a stream way. It can sometimes be water flowing over rocks, water claiming its space, water creating pools where none existed before, and water bringing life where little was before. The tumble is as it goes over the rocks and creates in its path. The tumble is that some life will have to really adapt and change because of this flow. The tumble is that it brings change. But you actually want some change don’t you? Nature certainly does, especially where change in the relationship with humans is concerned. And nature is way more used to change than most humans.


The challenges that have come from this past phase are now being shown. For some they will see as the light creeps a little more into their shell space. For others, the shell is being opened wide and full. Some will have choice in how much the shell opens. Others are along for the ride as the choice was made before and in ways they may not fully understand in the moment, but know the choice was made.


One grain of sand creates the pearl with the right circumstances. There is work involved but there is also magic, natural magic at play. The magic of creation and of knowing one’s work & one’s joy in the day to day. This is where intuition comes in for humans. It helps the grain of sand get the right circumstances, to see what is needed and to move in directions that will help the creation of the pearl. Whatever your pearl is, whatever your work is, whatever your joy is, and whatever your challenge is, let the intuitive nature of who you are help you open your shell to welcome in the light and see life.


If the bed you are in does not feel right to you, this is the time to fix it. This speaks to you on many levels. It speaks about your literal bed, where you sleep and the room that is designed for your rest and recovery – how does that space feel to you, does it allow your rest and recovery, does it welcome it to the level of rejuvenation or just sleep, or not even good sleep? This is nothing to do with size or fanciness. This is about how it feels. Yes you can vision to something different if you choose, but start with what is present in your life now, start with how the room feels now and what can be done about it. Small changes are like connecting with that grain of sand, huge value even in a small package.


The “bed” reference can be used to your other physical spaces too, especially anywhere that is involved in creative and care-for-self strategies. This includes any place that is involved with wellness such as the kitchen for nourishment, the bathroom for self-care, and involved in creativity like the office for projects, organization, and income generation, etc. What needs to be fixed in these places? These will be literal fixes of things that are broken or not working well, they are sapping your energy. If you are not able to fix something for whatever reason, picture and welcome in the fixed version, then do your best to make it clean and sparkly and to feel the gratitude for whatever part of it is working for you! These fixes will also be other things that will make improve how the spaces feel to you, from décor, to clutter clearing, from cleaning to useful items. What works and what does not? What do you want to welcome in and what is it time to let go of? Feel your way through it, and remember again, small actions have big value!


Is your car a “bed” to you, in the sense that it is a place that cares for you? See how it feels and what might need to be done to fix it – again not about the type of car but about how it is cared for, how it feels, and how it can care for you. Remember, you really do want your car to care for you!


When you first read the line “If the bed you are in does not feel right to you, this is the time to fix it”, what first came up for you? What did it resonate with that you know but are perhaps putting off or not listening to? Give yourself the chance to listen here and now, even if you do not yet think you have the how or what, listen… remember, grain of sand & intuition right?



As the pearl is in its beautiful shell, illuminating the world and receiving at the same time, it feels very much at home. Where do you feel at home? Is it a place? Is it doing something? Is it being a certain way? Get to know this home feeling so you can create and welcome more of it and so that you recognize when it does appear to you in your life!


As you connect with you feeling “at home”, notice how your current home space feels. Does it really speak the same language as your “home” feeling inside? Does it need some “fixing”? This fixing might be to bring more “you” into it. It might be to release some clutter from the space in order to find the home feeling. It might be to shift into welcoming something new into your home or as your home. It might be to notice what would make it home and to work towards that flow, creating mini spaces or feelings of it in the here and now.


The feeling “at home” also speaks to how you feel being you on a regular basis. If you are never at home in your “you-ness”, does it make some degree of sense that the universe may find it harder to find you? This is not a criticism or judgement, not at all, you not being “you” may be a very important and valuable step for you. With this Revealing Radiance phase, it could be in your best interest though, to notice when, where, how, and doing what connects you with feeling at home in being your true self. It is an option being shown to you. Doesn’t mean that all life as you know it changes, but it could. It primarily means to listen, listen to yourself, and to you being at home with you and your life.


As each of these components enter your awareness and become part of that tumbling, playful flow, you may also feel called to bring other people into connection with their own radiance and sense of “home”. This could be as simple as helping someone with their grocery bags. It could be as big as visioning the improvement of human society and the wellness of the planet. It could be to work towards any of these things with any steps you feel represents your grain of sand. Choices; but this time, choices in radiance, choices in light, choices illuminating.


Welcome to the opening of the shell. See how beautiful it is on the outer shell and the inner, on the outside of it and on the inside. Newness being revealed, you being embraced, flow being explored.


With love,



and great divine universal wisdom guidance working with the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, published by Hay House.




Seeing in the Dark - December Guidance Reading

Posted on December 4, 2019 at 11:55 AM

December Guidance Reading 2019

Each month has its own energy, as does each year. Each person and their lives have their own energy too. This brings many different factors that can play on you and your life. Be open to what is possibly guiding you, what you need, what you are experiencing, and what fills you with joy and love.


December in the Northern hemisphere is a time when the natural light decreases. Daylight hours reduce and nighttime is more present. For those areas with snow, there can seem like a brightness that covers the land even when the light is less. Brightness of the rising or setting sun, reflections of the stars, and light that illuminates the moon for us, all touch on snow for a mystical view mixed with the dark blue of night.


Whether you are in this northern phenomenon or not, this December feels, as it leads to Solstice and other holidays, as a time to use the natural balance of light and dark to help you see. How? Well, if you cannot see with your eyes, you are asked to look at things through different senses and in other ways. As humans, we are not natural night creatures. Our eyes benefit from having greater light to show our way and what is around us. We make lamps, use fire, and depend on light we create to enhance any light that is naturally present. Our eyes and our brains appreciate this.


Like many things though, too much of something can sometimes become less helpful. This month is asking you to notice where you are adding tools of light to help you see when you would actually benefit from being with the dark and “seeing” in different ways. This is not, of course, referring to walking in the dark or driving in the dark without lights. Unless your “sight” has become very developed indeed, these are not recommended activities for most humans!


As the dark comes in at the end of the day, or the dark feeling comes into you with this pre-winter phase, give yourself the chance to listen to what it might be bringing you. Care for yourself as you listen is important. Yes you can avoid and distract, you can stay in with the “lights turned on”, or sometimes you can simply be with the dark and experience your life, your body, your spirit with your other senses. You may notice that you “see” more than you thought you would and that answers you seek are really not that far away after all.


Mountain – Strength


As you look at the layers in this card, the water, the beach, the low cloud, the first mountain range, the second mountain range (is there one in between as well?), the upper clouds, and the sky, you are seeing different levels of nature and life. From each of these layers, you would have a very different view and see very different features of life and the natural world. Would they bring you to feel different things as well from these views?


Treat the darkness and your “sight” options the same way. They are bringing you different views of yourself, your life, existence, and guidance to help and to heal. You always have the choice. You can walk on the beach and look up at the mountains to hear their whispers; that may feel that it feeds you and brings you joy and satisfaction. You can climb up (or jump or fly!) and stand with the mountains as you look upon the view and the water below. Neither is better than the other, they are choices and options.


If you are avoiding your choices, if you are distracting yourself with “false light(s)”, you may not hear the whispers, songs, words, or insights that are there for you. This is a choice in itself and yours to make. Coming with the Strength card though, it seems you are strong enough to “hear” the choices and decide where you will flow with your “sight” in this phase of greater darkness. You can feel into the choices, the views, the layers, the levels, and the self that is there within it all. Remember this is a month for self-care too!


Yes, it is a month for being with yourself, for taking care of yourself! With all the busyness that tends to come in this season, notice what you really need and what you are really seeing through your light and your dark. Notice what you want to feel and need to feel. Notice where the joy is abounding in you and all around you, notice what brings you joy, what lights you up. Take a breath and “see”.


There is deep history here too this month. History of oh so many levels. In the quiet of the snow falling, the peace of the forest as the trees rest for a moment, in the longer nighttime, as the lights of holiday festivities start to turn on, you have history to remember and to feel. It comes up through the earth. It comes up through those you meet. It comes up through your essence. It is stories to hear and stories to tell. It is feelings to feel and to honour. It is not to fear but to acknowledge. It is to let rest what is healed so the brightness will spring forth as the celebrations take light. It is to decide what you will bring with you as you walk on the beach, as you play in the water, as you embrace the rolling hills, or climb to the highest peaks.


Wishing you amazing “sight” through your December,

with love,



and wondrous divine guidance working with me and the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.


The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, and published by Hay House,